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Integrated Programme (IP) English Tuition Specialist

Our IP English Exam Preparation Workshop will impart useful COMPREHENSION ANSWERING & COMPOSITION WRITING TECHNIQUES that can be used up to ‘A’ levels!

Ease up your child’s learning curve with this workshop!

3 days workshop (9h) $550 + $60 materials fee

SERANGOON 27, 30 Nov, 1 Dec Mon Thu Fri 12-3pm

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We understand that each IP school’s English curriculum differs, hcnce, our lessons are customised to follow your child’s school IP English curriculum. This allows for lessons to be conducted more effectively and allows the teachers to teach the most effective techniques to target areas for improvements. 

We offer a customized programme to help IP students review areas of weaknesses, coach them for improvement and impart techniques to help them do well. Small class size of 1 teacher to 6 students.

We have classes dedicated for IP students from Victoria School, Cedar Girls, Catholic High ,  St Nicholas, Dunman High, RGS and Hwa Chong Institution students.

Kindly call 65551849 to enquire on the timeslots.

Written assignments are given every week after techniques are introduced, to ensure that students understand the techniques taught. Allocated 1 to 1 time during each class allows our tutor to go through the strengths and weaknesses/areas to improve on with each student. 
Lessons are customized to follow the child’s school curriculum. 
For IP 1-6 students, Our curriculum focuses on: 
1. Comprehension Answering Techniques
2. Summary writing tips, techniques and practices.
3. Narrative, expository, discursive, argumentative essay writing techniques and tips
4. Application Question (AQ) critical questioning and reflection techniques
5. Oral skills/Speech tests/Public Speaking & Presentation Techniques
6. Current affairs
Why Is Learning The Right Techniques So Important?

Knowing the right techniques will effectively help in arriving at the correct answers.

Getting your child to pick them up is crucial because a good set of learning methodology speeds up the learning process and results in accuracy when answering examination questions, allowing your child to secure his desired results for success!

✅Is Your Child Getting Enough Practice?

How many essays does your child write in a year for their school teacher?

Many students are actually willing to write, but they don’t get enough opportunities to do that in school. And even if they do, many do not know how exactly to improve on the piece of work they had done. At LJEC, our teachers provide constructive & valuable feedback on the specific areas that students can improve on for their essays. Coupled with our quality study notes, that’s how our students show improvement in their essay writing grades after they joined us!

Our small class size (6 students) allows students to be engaged in the entire process of generating original, good quality content for their essays. Discussion of current affairs, good quality in-house study notes are provided for our students. They are also guided by experienced teachers who:

1. value add to their ideas conceptualisation

2. give valuable and constructive feedback for them to craft an excellent essay.

3. Rigorous class composition practices

✅Customised Lesson Plans

At Learning Journey Education Centre, we understand the importance of efficacious learning and we have implemented a learning plan and structure that caters to it.

You need one that is tailor-made to your child’s needs for it to be a fruitful lesson!

Our tutors will be available for clarification, revision and providing practice for topics covered in school.  With small class sizes of not more than 6 students per class, we provide an environment similar to 1-to-1 tuition and yet allow students to participate actively in small group learning.

 We believe in using interactive activities, real life situations and examples to make our English lessons engaging and enriching. A baseline evaluation for each student will be conducted to identify areas of weaknesses, and one to one coaching will be provided for targeted areas for improvement.
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From borderline pass to GPA 3.5 in 6 months!  Amish, IP1, Victoria School

amish-22-oct-2016Amish’s mum, VS IP1

“Teacher Grace is a very patient teacher and is able to instill interest in the subject she teaches. Dominic showed improvement in his SA2 results after a few months under Grace .. She is able to explain the comprehension answering techniques well and makes it easy to understand.”
From borderline marks for SA1 paper 2 to 34/50 for SA2 paper 2
Dominic, IP2, Victoria School

“I finally passed my English Test for the first time in 4 years! (after 3 months). Yat Pang, IP4, Victoria School

” Thank you so much for helping him. He has improved tremendously since he joined your classes after SA1. Its really encouraging to see him do so much better now for SA2.” Mother of Yat Pang, IP4, Victoria School

“From single digit marks to 24/25 for AQ- Best in Class for Application Question (AQ)” Devanshu, IP4, Victoria School

3 of our IP1 students from Victoria School achieved 27/30- Topping their class for their Speech Test

100% of our IP students from Catholic High improved in their English test grades within 1-2 months of joining us!

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