Intensive Exam Preparation Workshops

Intensive Exam Preparation Workshops

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INTENSIVE TUITION Holiday Programmes

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Programme Fees Dates
Ace Your PSLE English Workshop (For P5 & 6 students)– conducted by LJEC Teachers and Teacher Grace

·        Sharing of the latest PSLE trends and must know topics for composition writing

·        Learn important composition and Paper 2 techniques to ensure that your child is fully prepared!

·        Composition and Paper 2  Analysis (Individual analysis and marking by LJEC teachers)


Paper 1:

·        Composition planning drills on MUST KNOW composition topics to gear up for PSLE

·        7 steps to writing an A* composition

·        Composition writing techniques


Paper 2:

·        Techniques for all paper 2 sections

·        5 ways to score for Comprehension MCQ, & open ended

·        Techniques to use for Comprehension Cloze

·        4 must have Editing skills

·        3 steps to ace the Synthesis and Transformation section

$380 +$50

material fees

Serangoon:Option 1: Week 1:

28 May 31 May, 1 June

Mon, Thu, Friday 12-3pm




Option 2: Week 3: 11, 12, 14 June

Mon, Tue, Thu 6-9pm




Option 1: Week 4 : 18,19,22  June

Mon Tue Fri 12-3pm




Option 2: 2,3,9 June

Sat ,Sun ,Sat 2-5pm


Oral Booster Workshop●   Extra stimulated oral practice sessions for students who need more practice to build their confidence for their oral examination.

●   Improve pronunciation, diction, vocal expression, intonation and articulation

●   Students are provided with in-house oral materials that are developed to follow the PSLE format, modelled after actual oral examination questions tested in primary schools

$180 (Choose 2 sessions from the same centre) 

Schedule from April to Aug 2018



Monday- Friday



Sat 9-11am/ 10-12pm/2-4pm/4-6pm

Sun 10-12pm/12-2pm/2-4pm/4-6pm



Tue 1-3pm/3-5pm/5-7pm/7-9pm

Thu 1-3pm

Fri 1-3pm/3-5pm/7-9pm

Sat 10-12pm/2-4pm/4-6pm

Sun 10-12pm/1-3pm/ 3-5pm


Ace your Secondary English Masterclass (Sec/ O levels/IP)·        Our Secondary English Exam Preparation Workshop will impart useful COMPREHENSION ANSWERING & COMPOSITION WRITING TECHNIQUES that can be used up to ‘A’ levels!

·        Ease up your child’s learning curve with this workshop!

·        Why Is Learning The Right Techniques So Important?

·        Knowing the right techniques will effectively help in arriving at the correct answers.

·        Getting your child to pick them up is crucial because a good set of learning methodology speeds up the learning process and results in accuracy when answering examination questions, allowing your child to secure his desired results for success!

·        Application Questions (For IP students only)


$380 + $50 material fees Serangoon:

Option 1: Week 3: 12, 14, 15 June

Tues, Thu, Friday 12-3pm


Option 2: Week 4: 19, 21, 22 June

Tues, Thu, Friday 12-3pm



Week 4: 18, 21, 22 June

Tue, Thu Friday 12-3pm


Ace Your  Chinese Composition  Masterclass (P3 to P6)●   Bilingual Brain Approach

●   A less stressful way to learn Chinese Faster

●   Creative Composition Writing – learning to write creatively, expressively and descriptively!

●   Grasp the important steps to writing a good essay, like constructing good sentences and paragraphs

●   Learn different approaches to writing excellent compositions

●   Vocabulary Expansion- Increase your child’s confidence in doing well for Chinese through mastery of use of good phrases and words.


$380 + $20 material fees Serangoon: Mon, Thu, Friday 12-3pm 

Option 1: Week 1: 28, 31 May, 1 June

Option 2: Week 2: 4, 7, 8  June

Option 3: Week 3: 11, 14, 15 June

Option 4: Week 4: 18, 21, 22 June


Bishan: 9,11,18 June Sat Mon Mon

Mon 12-3pm, Sat 10-1pm/1-4pm

Alternate date: Tue 3-6pm

Super writers: P3/P4 English Composition Foundation Class·        A good foundation is essential for a successful journey in writing!

·        Start right, write right!

·        The lessons will cover essential foundation skills for grammar, spelling, sentence structures, subject verb agreement.

·        Composition Analysis (Individual analysis and marking by LJEC teachers)

·        Composition planning drills

·        7 steps to writing an A* composition

·        Composition writing techniques

$380 + $30 material fee 3 days workshopChoose one of the options, any week in June

SERANGOON Option 1: Tues Thu Fri 12-3pm/6-9pm

SERANGOON Option 2: Mon Tues, Wed


BISHAN Option 1: Mon Tues, Wed


BISHAN Option 2:

Tue Thu Fri 12-3pm/3-6pm/6-9pm

BISHAN Option 3:

Sat Sun 10-1pm/2-5pm

For other timings. Enquire with us

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