Intensive Exam Preparation Workshops

Intensive Exam Preparation Workshops

 March June September December INTENSIVE TUITION Holiday Programmes

Intensive Exam Preparation Classes (English /Chinese) 

Get Ready For SA1/ SA2!

In 4-8 lessons, learn the same techniques our students use to ACE their EXAMS!

✅Choose Paper 1 (compo) or ✅Paper 2


Ace Your Secondary/IP English Exam Preparation Class seng kang punggol Hougang Bishan

Sign up for our 12hours package to learn the BEST techniques for writing introductions for essays & useful comprehension answering techniques to handle the most challenging question types.

✅Essay writing :Learn our Step-by Step Formula: Super Writers 6 Step Methodology (H.O.K.S.S.L) to write a clear, concise  and IMPRESSIVE introduction for expository compositions to wow your teachers! 

✅Comprehension: Learn techniques to answer the most challenging questions in the comprehension paper and secure your desired grade for your English paper! + Hands on practice for introduction writing

✅Complimentary post exam analysis (Paper 2) with our team of Secondary English Specialist teachers ( bring along your exam papers)

More details here: 

Secondary English:

IP English:

Get in touch with us to find out how our intensive lessons can help and we shall see you there!

Programme Fees Dates
Ace Your PSLE English Workshop – (For P5 & 6 students)

●       Sharing of the latest PSLE trends and must know topics for composition writing

Paper 2:
5 ways to score for Comprehension MCQ, & open ended
Techniques to use for Comprehension Cloze
must have Editing skills
techniques to Tackling Vocabulary questions
steps to ace the Synthesis and Transformation section

Paper 1:
7 steps to writing an A* composition (Situational and Continuous Writing)
Composition writing techniques

Composition and Paper 2  Analysis (Individual analysis and marking by LJEC teachers)

Oral Booster Workshop

●       Extra stimulated oral practice sessions for students who need more practice to build their confidence for their oral examination.

●       Improve pronunciation, diction, vocal expression, intonation and articulation

●       Students are provided with in-house oral materials that are developed to follow the PSLE format, modelled after actual oral examination questions tested in primary schools

$180 (Choose 2 sessions from the same centre)Serangoon

Mon-Fri 2-4pm/ 3-5pm/ 5-7pm

Sat 9-11am/ 10-12pm/ 330-530pm/ 4-6pm

Sun 10-12pm/2-4pm/ 4-6pm

Tue 3-5pm/ 7-9pm

Fri 3-5pm/ 7-9pm

Sat 10-12pm/ 2-4pm/ 4-6pm

Sun 10-12pm/ 1-3pm/ 3-5pm


Wed-Fri  3-5pm/ 5-7pm/ 7-9pm

Sat  2-4pm/ 4-6pm

Sun 2-4pm/ 4-6pm

Ace Your  Chinese Composition  Masterclass (P3 to P6)●       Bilingual Brain Approach- A less stressful way to learn Chinese Faster

●       Creative Composition Writing – learning to write creatively, expressively and descriptively!

●       grasp the important steps to writing a good essay, like constructing good sentences and paragraphs

●       Learn different approaches to writing excellent compositions

●       Vocabulary Expansion- Increase your child’s confidence in doing well for Chinese through mastery of use of good phrases and words.


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