🚀 Power UP! 🚀 English Paper 2 Exam Booster 🧑‍💻

🕐 POWER REVISION Live Lesson 🖥️🧑‍💻👩‍💻
🚀 Conducted By 👩🏻‍🏫 LJEC teachers & Principal Grace

What’s Covered?

✅Revision of important synthesis rules
✅Revision of must know grammar rules
✅Score for Editing: Commonly Misspelled Words & Word Forms
✅Comprehension OE strategies
✅Comprehension Cloze Techniques
✅Techniques to use to score for Comprehension Cloze
(using Comprehension Cloze Assessment book written by Principal Grace)
✅Comprehension Cloze practice and guided corrections analysis using the LJEC Comprehension Cloze techniques.

📅Online – 18- 20 October Mon- Wed
🕐Time 12.30 to 2.30pm
💰Fees: $300 x 3 days workshop

📮Signup here: https://ljec.ecwid.com/Exam-Prep-Intensive-Classes-PSLE-O-LEVEL-SEC-IP-p90131707

📞Whatsapp/Call us: 97208802

  • Composition writing techniques (Super Writers™️ Roadmap)
  • Must know composition topics for PSLE Composition
  • Learn important Paper 2 techniques 
  • Comprehension Cloze Techniques
    (Comprehension Cloze Assessment book by Principal Grace)
  • Synthesis & transformation techniques
  • Mock examination paper 1 & 2 
  • Marking of mock exams with individualized feedback
  • Oral practices with individualized feedback
  • 12 lessons (ONLINE only) 

Discover How Your Child Can Learn Useful Techniques & Strategies to Improve Composition Writing Skills Effectively

What’s covered during the workshop

  • Composition writing techniques (Super Writers roadmap and framework) 
  • Writing techniques: Feelings, character and settings descriptions, excellent phrases, Interesting introductions, excellent endings techniques and many more!

Learning Journey Education Centre.
Learning Journey Education Centre.

What’s Covered During The Classes: 

  • Covers Paper 1, Paper 2 & Oral 
  • LJEC Comprehension Answering Techniques
  • Timed Practices & Answer Analysis
  • Content Lectures & Study Notes
  • Super Writers™️ Essay Writing techniques 
  • List of Commonly Tested Composition Exam Questions
  • Essay Writing Practice + Teachers’ Individualized Feedback
  • 12 lessons programme (Online only) 

Every Monday: 7.30-9pm OR  Every Saturday 1030-12pm

For more details, visit:


Boost your confidence, Improve your pronunciation, diction, vocal expression, intonation and articulation- without leaving your home!

  • 4“LIVE” STIMULATED oral sessions.
  • The oral course materials and prompts are specially designed and curated to closely align to the O level syllabus.
  • For the online course, students will get to stimulate a live oral session (10 minutes of oral conversation per topic) with our English specialist Teachers.
  • Extra stimulated oral practice sessions for students who need more practice to build their confidence for their oral examination.
  • Students will be provided with in-house oral materials that are developed to follow the examination format, modelled after actual oral examination questions tested in schools
  • Signup for subsequent packages to cover all 12 topics. A total of 12 video topics and prompts will be available.

Fees: $95 (1 session X 1.5h) 2 topics covered / $180 (2 sessions x 1.5h) 4 topics covered.

More details here: 


More details here: 

Secondary English: https://www.learningjourney.edu.sg/tuition/secondary-o-levels-english-tuition/

IP English: https://www.learningjourney.edu.sg/super-writers-ip-english-tuition/

Get in touch with us to find out how our intensive lessons can help and we shall see you there!
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Learning Journey Education Centre.
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