Public Speaking and presentation skills Show and Tell /Public Speaking programme for kids Singapore English/ Mandarin/Bilingual (8th Intake) for 3 years – 9 years old

Learning Journey Education Centre.
Learning Journey Education Centre.

Just in time for Show and Tell/ Oral exam in school!

Practice makes perfect!

One of our Show and Tell/Public Speaking (Bilingual class) student, A, had been selected to be the Emcee (Chinese) for his Kindergarten’s graduation concert. We are so proud of him! When he first joined us, he was very shy and nervous; seeing him grow with us and now a confident and articulate child really makes us feel so happy. You know who you are and we are so proud of you!

”Janel & Jurgen have improved alot after going for the Show & Tell sessions. They are more confident now.” -Mummy Eva, Janel K2, Jurgen K1 Show & Tell/Public Speaking Class (attended 2 terms)

Why attend this programme?

Do you know that all Primary 1 students have to do a show and tell presentation to their class as part of their English assessment? We provide a platform for your child to experience a show and tell setting. Most kids are not exposed to public speaking before primary 1 and it can be quite traumatic to expect them to speak to a large group for the first time. For “shy” kids who are afraid to speak up, these sessions help build their confidence.

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduces public speaking elements (eye contact, voice projection, hand gestures, body language) and techniques
  • Prepares your child mentally what to expect at such sessions and specific pointers to do well for show and tell
  • Helps your child to learn to become a confident and eloquent speaker
  • Public speaking skills in front of an audience, learning to overcome stage fright and “freezing” in front of audience
  • Trains your child on how to prepare for show and tell sessions.
  • Detailed evaluation, feedback and analysis of your child’s presentations after each session
  • Q&A training – to hone participants on their answering skills
  • covers oral practice / situational speaking as well follows primary schools’ show and tell format conducted by an encouraging, engaging and experienced local teachers.

  • Small class size (max 8 students) allows for one to one coaching session during each lesson
  • experiential learning sessions incorporated into the sessions to help children to overcome their fear of public speaking and building their confidence.
Learning Journey Education Centre.
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