Super Maths™ Tuition

“Teacher, WHY must I learn Maths?”

Learn Maths, love Maths! That’s how children should be learning Maths!

Not just worksheet drills, but helping children to understand how Maths can be applied to their everyday lives.

Classes available for all Primary levels, small class size 4-6 students


IMG_7117Maths tuition learning journey singaporetiffany

Our lessons take on a modular approach and we customise our lessons based on the topics covered by the school for each of the student in our classes. This way, the students maximizes their time spent with us. A customized tuition programme for exam effectiveness to help students review areas of weaknesses, coaching for improvement, clarification of concepts and doubts.

Effective examination preparation strategies taught in a small group tuition class setting. Get your basic concepts right and doubts clarified with an experienced, patient and dedicated teacher.

Mock practice papers/drills, graded assignments, exam preparation notes will be provided. 

Small class size 4-6 students
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