Tuition Programmes

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We develop your child’s potential to the fullest with qualified and dedicated teachers!P4 English Tuition & Creative Writing Class- 
SA2 Paper 2 results after 2 months with us (Aug- Oct 2013)

Creative Writing/Composition + English Paper 2 Tuition/PSLE English Intensive Revision Programme
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A customized English tuition programme that helps students to target and improve areas of weaknesses through individualized and group coaching.
Integrated Programme (IP) English Tuition Programme – Specialist
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Creative Writing/Composition + Chinese Paper 2 Tuition/PSLE Chinese Intensive Revision Programme
Do you WANT to get a better grade?
Do you know HOW to get a better grade?
Science/Biology/Chemistry Tuition & head start programme
Primary 3- 6 (PSLE)

O Levels

Our lessons take on a modular approach and we customize our lessons based on the topics covered by the school for each of the student in our classes.

Experienced/MOE teachers are available (weekdays/weekends)

· All our teachers are rated highly in their student evaluation surveys. Our teachers are carefully screened and are suitably qualified to teach the subjects they specialize in.
· All of them are MOE registered teachers and have years of classroom teaching and curriculum development experience.
·Our staff are specially selected based on their commitment and also their classroom effectiveness.
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