IP Language Arts/ Literature Tuition

Ace Your IP Language Arts/ Literature
Our IP Language Arts/ Literature Classes are specially curated to help Secondary/IP students to cope with the demanding nature and rigour of Language Arts at IP1 and IP2/ Literature for Secondary 1-4.

What will be covered in our classes:
✅ unseen prose and poems analysis and practice
✅ literary devices and analysis techniques
✅ annotation and guided text analysis of student’s literature text
✅ exam preparation

Ace Your IP Language Arts/ Literature Exam Prep Workshop
Learn important techniques to ace your language arts!
✅How to Write a high scoring literary analysis essay
✅ Master Important literary devices
✅Correct application of literary devices to analyse prose/poetry/literature texts
✅Learn Effective annotation methods for prose/poetry
✅ Identify Key themes for prose/poetry/literature texts
✅Learn to do effective analysis for literature texts

  • Timed class practices and assignments for hands on practice for poems & prose
  • The classes are also suitable for those in Secondary (express) classes 

Fees: $200 for 2hrs x 2-day workshop(materials included)

Online: Wed 8 & Thurs 9 September 5-7pm

Intensive Preparation Classes (10 lessons X 1.5h/lesson) –  $800 

Online: Every Saturday 130-3pm starting 1 August 2021

to sign up, whatsapp/call 96252102

The classes are also suitable for those in Secondary (express) classes


✅ Identify & Explore Key themes
✅ Analysis & Notes on Crucial Acts & Scenes
✅ How To Write A High Scoring Literary Analysis Essay
✅ Application of Literary Devices To Analyse The MOV text

✅ Timed Essay and class practices with individualized feedback

Workshops will be conducted ONLINE by our team of Literature/Language Arts specialist teachers

Class timings:
🖥️Online: Every Saturday 1.30 to 3pm
💰 Fees: $480 (6 lessons)

Signup here : https://www.learningjourney.edu.sg/sign-up-for-classes/

or via whatsapp: 96252102

Our Language Arts programme is suitable for the following secondary schools in Singapore offering the Integrated Programme (IP), including:

Hwa Chong Institution; Nanyang Girls’ High School; Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary); Raffles Institution (Secondary); Anglo-Chinese School (Independent);   Catholic High School; Cedar Girls’ Secondary School; CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School; Dunman High School;  Methodist Girls’ School; National Junior College; River Valley High School; Singapore Chinese Girls’ School; St. Joseph’s Institution; Temasek Junior College; Victoria School; NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

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