Secondary English Composition Marking Package

Is your child practicing their composition writing at home to prepare for his/her upcoming tests/exams? 
And afterwards, you realise that there is no one available to mark and review what they have written? 
In need of teachers to mark, review their essays and give them feedback to help them improve?
We are here to help…

Introducing… our Secondary English Composition Marking Package where our teachers would mark and review your child’s essay. 
Signup for our composition review and marking package to get extra practice for your child’s essay writing.

Pay only $120 for 2 marked compositions (Usual price: $135)

Start writing today!

What is included in this package:

  • Our teachers will Mark and review the compositions
  • Mark and correct content, language and structural errors in writing
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses in language and content
  • Suggest ways to improve for the areas of weakness
  • Teacher will provide a 10 minutes zoom session to explain the comments to the student


Upon receipt of payment, you will be asked to choose your preferred essay topics (expository/personal recount/ personal reflective) and our teachers will release the essay question to you via email. (Strictly no changing of questions/topics)

Essay questions are specially curated and chosen based on past year O level / IP /Secondary English examination question trends and analysis.

Students have 7 days to complete the essay on the google doc created and sent by our teachers.

Upon completion, our teachers will mark and revert within 7-10 working days and arrange a 10 minutes zoom session with you to go through the marking.

signup here:

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