Mandarin Immersion Programme for 18 months to 6 years old.

suitable for children from non-Mandarin speaking environment as the teacher is a local bilingual teacher who is able to translate words and phrases to help the child grasp what is being taught in class. 

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Classes are taught by a Singaporean Chinese Teacher (using Bilingual approach which works for children who are resistant to learning Chinese, weak/fail in Chinese or even hate Chinese)

A patient, dedicated and engaging teacher (10 years teaching experience) makes all the difference to this group of students.

In their early years, a child’s language development progresses exponentially and hence, it is important to introduce Mandarin to them in a lively setting to help them grow their love for the language.

The sessions are conducted in a fun, highly interactive and stress free environment, and there are ample opportunities to allow children to practice their conversational Mandarin.

Each weekly session is based on a different story and theme, and children are introduced to words, songs, poems, hands on activities and craft sessions related to the story and theme of the day.

  • Stories Alive! Speech and drama: Stories come alive as each child gets a chance to role play characters that are part of the story of the week! Fun props and costumes are used to allow participants to have a realistic experience related to the theme. Through role playing and imaginative activities, we encourage children to verbalise their learning and express themselves confidently in Mandarin.
  • Time to Speak: Mandarin Show and Tell, Games, conversational practice, story dramatization activities help children develop their confidence in speaking and expressing themselves in Mandarin.
  • Time to Listen: Thematic stories are shared giving opprtunities for expanding children’s imaginations, vocabulary and understanding of language.
  • Time to Sing!: Specially created songs related to the theme of the day reinforces the child’s learning.
  • Time to Read: Basic Chinese characters and sensorial writing acitivities are introduced weekly
  • Art and craft: Children develop their fine motor skills through creative art pieces that reinforces the day’s learning
  • Cookery: learning about different types of food and learning to follow instructions in Mandarin.
  • Time to Play! Group games: Children learn to follow the instructions, rules of games, develop their gross motor and interpersonal skills.
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