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Learning Journey is best known for our effective composition writing & English paper two techniques, comprehensive child-centric curriculum & dedicated teachers. We believe that learning is a journey that never ends.

Our vision is to support our students in their learning journey by providing a quality curriculum and best teaching practices to help them succeed in life.
Since 2011, we strive to be that pillar of support for our students in their quest for excellence in learning. By providing students with a nurturing environment and an excellent curriculum, we are committed to nurture a generation of competent and successful learners who embrace learning with a growth mind set.
Our Teaching Philosophy 
Recognising that every child is unique, Learning Journey believes in nurturing competent learners to learn at a pace that suits each individual. Students are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, think on their feet and as a result, learn effectively under the guidance of our team of dedicated teachers. 

Every week, students and their parents discover that our classes are “different” from the other classes that they have attended.

We believe that each child has different learning needs and by having a small class size (1 teacher to 6-8 students), it enables our teachers to customise their teaching approaches and lessons for each child, so that they get the MOST out of each lesson.  Students who need help get a chance to catch up, while high ability learners are able to maximise their potential.

Experience our classes today, to see for yourself, the difference it makes to your child.

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Teacher Grace’s Profile

As the Founder-Principal at Learning Journey Education Centre, Grace is a bilingual education specialist with more than ten years of experience. She specialises in English and Chinese programmes for Preschool, Primary, Secondary, JC students. She is passionate about helping academically weaker students to love the subject they learn. She is known to be a versatile and patient teacher to her students.

She developed the curriculum for majority of the programmes offered at Learning Journey, ranging from the parent and child playgroup classes, preschool enrichment classes to English and Chinese tuition programmes for Primary, Secondary, Integrated Programme and JC GP Programmes.

Grace is also the author of the most comprehensive and useful series of comprehension cloze assessment books entitled “Comprehension Cloze Techniques”(published by Singapore Asia Publishers). The series of six books were recently launched at Popular Bookstores.

Teacher Grace has also been featured on Channel 5 (Talking Point) and CNA938 and in The Straits Times, Parents’ World magazine, Esquire Magazine, amongst others. The centre has also been awarded the Best in “Creative & Engaging” Learning Centre Award – Parent’s World Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Read More Here.

She holds a Master in Education (NIE-NTU), and has achieved distinctions for modules in Bilingualism & Biliteracy, Curriculum Design & Development and Curriculum.

Being effectively bilingual, she achieved distinctions in English/General Paper AND Chinese for PSLE, GCE ‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels and graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Arts (Passed with Merit). She is also a certified Problem Based Learning Facilitator and used to teach at a local polytechnic.  She has taught modules on Culture and Communication, Cognitive Processes, Problem Solving and Creative Engagement.

She was invited to be the guest speakers at PSLE seminars and also as a guest judge & quiz setter for English Masters Competition 2016 organised by Teens Network Club under the People’s Association (PA) – The English Masters is an English language competition for Primary and Secondary School level students. The competition aims to create an opportunity for students to learn and experience the English language in a fun and interactive environment, thus cultivating interest in the subject. Over 300 students from 40 different schools participated in the event in Aug 2016.

Being a mother to three children, she is thankful to have a supportive husband. She enjoys spending her time with her children, doing crazy and fun activities with them and bringing them to all the “free” places in Singapore as she believes that the simple pleasures of life often come without a price tag.

She also believes in giving back to society and encourages those around her to do the same.

Learning Journey Education Centre is currently working with Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home, 5 Cents Project and various other non-profit organisations to give back to society.

She is also a regular contributor to The Straits Times’ forum pages, writing about issues she is passionate about. Read her forum letters here:


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