Learning Journey’s Super Speakers™: Public Speaking (9-16 years old)

Learning Journey’s Super Speakers™: Public Speaking (9-16 years old)

9, 10 Dec (Wed, Thu) 3-5pm $200
Serangoon North Centre

Learning Objectives

We believe in empowering children to develop a growth mindset and attaining the relevant skillsets in a nurturing environment where they will get to maximise their potential in public speaking under the watchful eyes of our encouraging trainers.  The workshops will be conducted by our Principal-Founder Ms Grace Tan, together with LJEC teachers.

In this workshop, your child will learn many useful techniques which they can use for Public speaking.

– Strategies to build, plan and organise their thoughts and speech content before they speak to an audience.

– How to speak in a organised, coherent and convincing manner

– How to project confidence using body language, variations in their vocal tonality and eye contact

-Learn how to engage the audience using verbal and non-verbal communication cues.

– Three golden rules for speaking on their feet (impromptu speech)

– Master the LJEC Super Speakers™ framework to script an effective and powerful speech 

– Public speaking presentation in front of an audience where participants will present a topic of their choice.

To sign up, Whatsapp/Call 96252102

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