🎙️ Super Speakers™️: Public Speaking Workshop (9-16 years old)🎙️

At Learning Journey Education Centre, we’re all about empowering children to nurture their potential with a growth mindset 🌱. Our workshops provide a supportive environment where they can thrive in public speaking under the guidance of our inspiring teachers! 👥

In this workshop, your child will learn an array of valuable techniques for public speaking:

📝 Strategies for crafting, planning, and structuring their thoughts and speech content.
🗣️ Techniques for delivering speeches that are well-organized, coherent, and persuasive.
💪 Boosting confidence through body language and vocal tonality, with captivating eye contact.
🗨️ Engaging the audience through effective verbal and non-verbal cues.
🎙️ Mastering the three golden rules for impromptu speaking.
📜 Using the LJEC Super Speakers™️ framework to craft impactful speeches.
📢 Presenting their speeches in front of an audience, choosing a topic they’re passionate about.
Let’s help your child become a confident and eloquent speaker! 🚀

Fees: $200 2hrs x 2 days workshop

Session 1: 22. 23 Nov Wed & Thu 3.30-5.30pm
Session 2: 13,14 Dec Wed & Thu 3.30-5.30pm

Sign up here: https://www.learningjourney.edu.sg/product/super-speakers%ef%b8%8f-public-speaking-workshop-9-16-years-old/

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