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How Your Child Will Benefit From The Techniques & Strategies Taught in Our Classes

  1. 1. Find Out How Our Proven, Effective and Customized Techniques & Strategies Have Helped 90% of Our Students improve their composition writing skills & grades in 2016
    2. We understand the reasons why most children LACK the motivation to write compositions and we are able to help them apply our  Super Writers R.G.4.R™ Framework to get them really excited to write more compositions!
    3. Our Unique Curriculum & Teaching Methodologies have helped Yun En, a primary 6 student, improve from B to A* for PSLE English in just 9 months, after she started applying the techniques taught in our classes.
    4. Samuel Tan, a primary 4 student, managed to improve his English composition marks from 7/20 (Primary 4, SA2) to 30/40 (Primary 5) after using the Super Writers™ 4-3-2-1 techniques taught in our classes. 
    PS: We spotted the PSLE 2016 COMPOSITION & 2015, 2016, 2017 ORAL TOPIC! Find out how the techniques our students learnt in our classes helped them to score well for their PSLE!

Proven Results...
Techniques & Strategies That Work!
Here's What Parents Have To Say...

"Within 3 months, my girl’s composition writing improved from 24 marks to 32 after joining Learning Journey in Dec’15. She went on to score 34 marks in her P6 SA1, a remarkable improvement and achievement! Thanks to teacher Grace & her team for their patience and unique style of teaching! Personally, I also like teachers' open communication with parents!"
Mrs Ho, mother of Yun En, P6, Marymount Convent
“I would like to thank Learning Journey for guiding Janelle in her English. Her compositions improved from the usual 20+ to at least 35. And never in a million years that we expect Janelle to get A* for her PSLE English. Thank you!”
Janelle’s mum, P6 St Hilda’s Primary School
“Thank you for supporting my child in her PSLE journey . She was with LJEC from Nov 2016 till Sep 2017. Like magic, within 10 months, her grades jumped from B to A*. I could not imagine this great leap. I think this happened not only because she was taught techniques but also due to the words of motivation by teacher Helen and Grace. Those words really motivated her to do her home work every week!”
Anitha, Lavaanya’s mum, P6 Geylang Methodist School (Primary)
“My son’s English grades improved from a B to A within 3 months
We are so confident with Grace and her team that we also enrolled Calen for the Chinese writing class.
And after 3 months, his grades improved from a C to A! 

Mummy of Calen, P6 Catholic High
“Ever since my daughter attended the Super Writers English tuition classes, she started scoring above 30 marks for her class compositions from 20+ marks. She was scoring borderline marks for her paper 2 (50+ marks) and had since improved tremendously. She is now motivated & confident and scored an A for PSLE English! Thank you Teachers for guiding her patiently.”
Mother of Chloe, P6, Holy Innocents’ Primary School
Hi Parents,
My name is Grace Tan, Founder-Principal of Learning Journey and just like you, I am a parent. I am a mother of three  beautiful children.
Today, I run 3 centres and hundreds of students have benefited from our programmes. We help them enjoy the journey of learning and cultivate a love for learning, and ultimately improving their grades.

I am also the author of  a series of six (6) Comprehension Cloze Techniques Assessment books with Singapore Asia Publishers. These books are now available for sale at Popular Bookstores. I was also the guest judge and quiz setter for the English Masters Competition 2016 organised by the People’s Association (PA) –for over 300 Primary and Secondary students from 40 different schools.

We have also been featured on various media such as:
While we have achieved a certain amount of success in helping children and parents, the reality is that this was actually an accidental business.
In fact, this business was a spin-off because of my daughter.
Back when she was three, we realized that she was learning much slower and quite differently from her peers. She actually had great difficulties with learning. It was then that as a mother (and educator), I felt compelled to do something and that was when I decided to hold myself responsible and commit myself to my daughter’s learning needs.
The harsh truth though, is that when I started teaching her (even with my years of teaching experience), I came to a realization that my child was difficult to teach! (sounds familiar?)
She even rejected my teaching initially and would be what most parents would label as "naughty".
I begin wondering...  What is wrong with my daughter? Why is she so hard to teach? 
And that’s when I realized that my daughter was NOT the problem. It was the teaching methods that I have been using.
With this realization, I stopped "forcing" my daughter to follow my instructions and meet my expectations. I started observing how she liked to learn. 
I started putting in efforts to think of ways to make learning enjoyable and tried to customize my teaching methods to "HER way of learning" instead of "MY way of teaching".
Surprisingly, within a very short period, she started becoming interested in what I was trying to teach her and even started exploring the learning materials I prepared for her, independently on her own. 
That is when I came to realize... The truth is if your child is not doing well, it's not because they are not capable, it’s just because…

"Every Child Learns Differently."

Our centre believes in a differentiated teaching instruction approach, whereby we have a variety of PROVEN & TESTED teaching instructions for different types of learners (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic). 

In my years of teaching, I realise that it is not easy for a child to “suddenly” become a proficient writer.
It is challenging to teach students creative writing because it is something very personal and every child writes differently. Thus, a personal touch is required when guiding a child on composition writing. We have also seen that the earlier (in lower primary) they learn the correct writing techniques, the better the retention of the techniques through their upper primary years.
Does your child face these PROBLEMS when it comes to composition writing? 
♦    His teacher teaches him great phrases but he never uses them in his composition.
♦    His composition is disorganized, full of grammatical &  spelling errors.
♦    He simply dreads writing and finds it really hard to even start writing...
In short, it's... TERRIBLE. 
Your child feels like giving up, and so do you...

Our students shared some of the problems they encountered:

“I hate to write compositions! I don’t want to write!”
“I don’t know what is the meaning of the phrases and how to use them correctly.”
"I have no idea what to write...."
“I want to write better compositions, but I don’t know how to improve.”

So… I just write how I always write because that’s the easiest! (sounds familiar?)

Reading books on model compositions and writing more compositions might not necessarily translate to better composition grades. Why?

The reason is because, in composition writing, the hardest part is how a child transfers his knowledge (planning, good phrases) into reality.
So, why do our students (even the seemingly "hopeless" ones) show so much improvement in such a short period of time?
They go through the Super Writers 4 step R.G.4.R™ process:

And this..... is the SECRET to our students’ SUCCESS...

What Will Your Child Learn in Our Classes?

In our small classes of up to 6 students, our teachers guide their students on the following:
♦ How to write better sentences (grammar, sentence variation and structure),
♦ How exactly to use the phrases that have been taught in class,
♦ What exactly to improve on, e.g. which part of the story to improve on, the gaps in the composition, etc.
♦ How to improve their story flow, introduction, story climax and conclusions.
We also cover useful materials like.. a compilation of the 
50 commonly tested composition topics in primary schools 
And it's no surprise that most of our students’ composition exam questions came from this list that we gave them! 


What if…

YOU could do something to help your child do BETTER for his next test? 

You, as a parent, CAN do something to help your child today!

You can SIGN THEM UP for our classes!

The sooner they learn these USEFUL TECHNIQUES (NOT TAUGHT IN SCHOOL OR OTHER TUITION CENTRES), the sooner they can USE THEM!

Let us share with you HOW we CAN help your child today.

Your child can take his first steps with us…

by starting with our trial classes, where we will teach him some of the techniques and strategies our students used to achieve a transformation in their grades!

Sign up here for a 4 lessons trial class today!

 Meanwhile, read our students' compositions here ( written by our students who scored A/ A* for PSLE English) 

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