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Download Our E-book “Ace Your Secondary/IP English & Model Compositions” 

What’s covered in the E-book

  • Learn tips & techniques to ace the different components of Secondary/IP English
  • Most commonly tested composition topics and questions from local Secondary/IP schools
  • Read top scoring model compositions written by our students

“The IP English classes I attended allowed teachers to attend to our individuals separately such that each individual is assigned work that caters to their needs individually, allowing students to be able to work efficiently on our weaknesses. This has certainly helped me to improve from a B to an A in 6 months. Rigorous composition planning practices and comprehension techniques has also enabled me to score 84% for my IP4 EOY exams! 

Teck Zhong, IP4, Catholic High (with Learning Journey since IP2)

“Lessons here have helped me greatly in my English, and I have learnt techniques that gave me ability to understand and analyse long passages. As a result, I am able to more confidently answer comprehension questions, formulate my opinions and critically evaluate the passages given. I am now also able to use more sophisticated vocabulary, language and content knowledge to write an essay, something which I was unable to do in Secondary Two, before I started attending classes at Learning Journey. The teachers here have been extremely patient, taking efforts to go through whatever I am unable to comprehend. Lessons had also been very enriching and informative about various current affairs and issues, providing greater depth that helped us grasp the topics at hand. Overall, I had an excellent experience during my two years here.”

Zi Qi, IP4 Cedar Girls’ Secondary School From “fail” to B

Are you looking for a Secondary English Tuition Centre with…
✅A stellar track record
✅A quality curriculum (customised based on your child’s school curriculum) that meets your child’s learning needs
✅Dedicated Teachers who give individualised & constructive feedback to help motivate your child achieve his/her desired grades?
✅ IP English classes dedicated for IP students from Victoria School, Cedar Girls’, Catholic High, St Nicholas’ Girls, SCGS, RI, RGS, Dunman High, NUS High, NYGH, TJC and Hwa Chong Institution students.

Is your child…
✅Still struggling 😱 to churn out a substantial argument for that piece of essay?
✅Always missing the main point for comprehension questions?
✅paraphrasing in a total mess 😳 in the summary section?
✅Do you find yourself or your child helplessly nodding in response?

We understand that each IP school’s English curriculum differs, hence, our lessons are customised to follow your child’s school IP English curriculum. This allows for lessons to be conducted more effectively and allows the teachers to teach the most effective techniques to target areas for improvements.

We offer a customised programme to help IP students review areas of weaknesses, coach them for improvement and impart techniques to help them do well. Small class size of 1 teacher to 6 -8 students.

For IP 1-4 students, our curriculum focuses on:
1. Comprehension Answering Techniques
2. Summary writing tips, techniques and practices.
3. Narrative writing
4. expository, discursive, argumentative essay writing techniques and tips
5. Application Question (AQ) critical questioning and reflection techniques
6. Current affairs (Local and Global)
Written assignments are given every week after techniques are introduced, to ensure that students understand the techniques taught. Allocated 1 to 1 time during each class allows our tutor to go through the strengths and weaknesses/areas to improve on with each student.

Customised Lesson Plans

At Learning Journey Education Centre, we understand the importance of efficacious learning and we have implemented a learning plan and structure that caters to it.

You need one that is tailor-made to your child’s needs for it to be a fruitful lesson!

Our teachers will be available for clarification, revision and providing practice for topics covered in school. With small class sizes of not more than 6 students per class, we provide an environment similar to 1-to-1 tuition and yet allow students to participate actively in small group learning.

We believe in using interactive activities, real life situations and examples to make our English lessons engaging and enriching.

A baseline evaluation for each student will be conducted to identify areas of weaknesses, and one to one coaching will be provided for targeted areas for improvement.

We impart useful COMPREHENSION ANSWERING & COMPOSITION WRITING TECHNIQUES that can be used up to ‘A’ levels!

✅Why Is Learning The Right Techniques So Important?
Knowing the right techniques will effectively help in arriving at the correct answers.
Getting your child to pick them up is crucial because a good set of learning methodology speeds up the learning process and results in accuracy when answering examination questions, allowing your child to secure his desired results for success!

✅Is Your Child Getting Enough Practice?

How many essays does your child write in a year for their school teacher?

Many students are actually willing to write, but they don’t get enough opportunities to do that in school. And even if they do, many do not know how exactly to improve on the piece of work they had done. At LJEC, our teachers provide constructive & valuable feedback on the specific areas that students can improve on for their essays. Coupled with our quality study notes, that’s how our students show improvement in their essay writing grades after they joined us!

Essay Writing Hacks Series (S2-4, IP1-4)

This workshop aims to impart useful techniques for:

  • Composition Writing : Learn our step-by-step structured framework to write impressive expository compositions
  • Content Lecture on topic and hands on writing practice with individualised feedback
  • Essay series (2 days x 1.5h)
  • Arts & Culture 
  • Social Media 
  • Globalisation 
  • Education (4 lessons)

    📮Secondary/IP English Essay Writing Exam ONLINE 💻Preparation Classes
    📚Essay Topic: Education (4 Lessons)

    What will you learn:
    🔹Content Lectures – Equip Students with Good Content for Essay Writing
    🔹LJEC Super Writers™️ Essay Writing Techniques – Crafting excellent Introductions & Paragraphs
    🔹In-depth Class Discussions
    🔹List of Commonly Tested Composition
    🔹Exam Questions
    🔹Essay Planning Drills
    🔹Essay Writing Practice + Teachers’ Individualized Feedback for Students

    How Are Classes Conducted:
    ✅Classes are conducted by Principal Grace & LJEC English Specialist Teachers
    ✅Small class size
    ✅Interactive “Live” Classes
    ✅Students are encouraged to ask questions & clarify doubts
    ✅Allocated timeslots in class to go through students’ written work
    ✅Written assignments given every week

    ➡️ Mon 730-9pm OR Thu 530-7pm

    To register, call/Whatsapp Us ☎️: 96252102 



“From barely passing to getting an A, Learning Journey’s English classes has certainly helped me to do much better. The teachers are very patient, kind and caring and their fun methods of teaching has allowed me to get a better understanding and cultivate my love for English. Under their watchful eyes, every mistake is corrected, lessons are taught effectively and I have benefited greatly from this. Their tips and tricks have allowed me to learn the techniques to answering questions and get me to score better. An hour and a half for each lesson may not be a lot but each time I exit the centre, I would leave with a new piece of knowledge. Thank you Learning Journey for helping me improve my English!”

Justin, IP4, Catholic High- from borderline to finally an A!



Dear Teachers, thank you for helping me improve my English grade from a C6 to B3 within 3 weeks of intensive lessons before SA2. The small, conducive study environment allows for one-to-one tutoring and at the same time encouraging in depth small group discussion for topics related to what is done in school. I hope to continue to improve and achieve better results under your tutelage.
Improved for AQ to 8/10, Composition paper to 31/40 and Paper 2
Gerald, IP3, Catholic High – joined Super Writers Intensive Classes (3 lesssons) and regular classes
“The classes at Learning Journey has definitely helped improve my English grades tremendously. The resources provided here are extremely informative and the small classes allow the teachers to focus specifically on our weaknesses. During classes, we also do intensive composition planning and learn useful AQ answering techniques. The lessons are very productive and cover a lot of useful content and examples.The Teachers also take efforts to explain and conduct in-depth discussions based on the notes and articles prepared for us. For current affairs, the Teachers also share recent articles with the class so that we have quality content to ace our essays and AQ sections.”

Jerad, IP3, Catholic High From borderline to A! (72 marks),  8/10 for AQ (IP3, SA2)

Personal Recount/Reflexive Writing Hacks for Lower Secondary / IP Trial Class
IP1/IP2/ S1/S2  Fees:$65

Ace Your Secondary/IP English Workshop – (Summary)

This workshop aims to impart useful techniques for Summary writing 

Hands on summary writing practice

2 days workshop (2days x 3h) Fees: $150


Secondary English Composition Online Marking Package
What is included in this package:

  • Our teachers will mark and review your compositions

  • We will also identify the strengths and weaknesses in language and content

  • Suggest ways to improve for the areas of weakness

* Select a maximum of 2 topics from our list of 14 commonly tested examination essay topics. Strictly no changing of topics after payment is made.

* Signed up for subsequent packages to cover all 14 topics.

Introductory price: $95 .  Package of 2 essays. (Usual Price:$120)

Ace your General Paper (GP) Application Question Workshop (IP3/4/JC)

Learn and master our Super AQ 9 steps formula (I.Q.E.S.A.L.G.C.C) to scoring 10/10 for AQ. Using this easy to follow approach, many of our IP & JC students have improved from 0 to FULL MARKS for their AQ! 


2020 IP/Secondary English class slots:
✅Serangoon Centre
Mon 730-9pm IP2 (Online class)
Tues 4-530pm IP1/IP2 St Nicholas Girls / Catholic High (last slot)
Wed 330-5pm S1 (new class!)
Thursday 330-5pm S3/4 (new class!) 
Thursday 7-830pm S3/4 (last slot) Sat 2-330pm IP3 St Nicholas/Victoria School/NYGH/ NUS High (1 slot left)
Sat 3-430pm IP2 Catholic High/ Victoria School/Cedar Girls (new class)
Sat 3-430pm S3/4 (FULL)
Sat 3-430pm IP3 HCI/RI/RGS (new class)
Sat 4-530pm IP1/ S1 (1 slot left)
Sun 10-1130am S2/S3 (Online class)
Sun 10-1130am IP2 Dunman High/NYGH (Online Class- New Class- 3 slots left)

Sun 10-1130am IP2 TJC/SCGS/NYGH (Physical Class-2 slots left)
Sun 1230-2pm JC (2 slots left new class)
Sun 12-130pm IP3 Cedar/ Victoria School/TJC/RI- (2 slots left)
Sun 130-3pm IP1/S1 (2 slots left)
Sun 3-430pm IP4 (Online class- Cedar/NYGH/SNGS) (last slot)
Sun 3-430pm IP1/S1 (Online class- last slot)



“From single digit marks to 24/25 for AQ- Best in Class for Application Question (AQ)” Devanshu, IP4, Victoria School

100% of our IP students from Catholic High improved in their English test grades within 3-6 months of joining us!

Get in touch with us to find out how our lessons can benefit your child today!

✴️Ace your Secondary/IP English Workshop   The requirements for English Language at secondary level can be daunting, even for those with a good foundation at PSLE. However, if your child acquires the right techniques from the start, it would set a good foundation for them to score well for one of the most important subject at secondary level.  

By popular demand, we will be conducting our Ace Your Secondary English Workshop where we will be sharing useful strategies and techniques used by our students to ace their secondary English.   We know that most students face difficulties in crafting a succinct introduction in their writing. Some other students are unable to provide concise answers for comprehension questions. With that in mind, here is what you can expect during the Ace Your IP/Secondary English workshop specially catered for IP/secondary students

What will be covered:
✅Techniques to use to excel in Personal Recount/Reflexive Essays
✅Learn our step-by-step structured framework to write an awesome introduction for expository compositions to wow your teachers!
✅Learn techniques to answer the most challenging questions in the comprehension paper and secure your desired grade for your English paper! + Hands on practice for introduction writing For those who are undecided about joining our classes, why not try out our holiday classes first? Make good use of the holidays by joining us to brush up on comprehension/ composition writing skills or be introduced to useful methods they have never learnt before!    ✅Composition Writing: Learn our step-by-step structured framework to write an impressive expository compositions  ✅Summary writing

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