Current Affairs Workshop (Primary)

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Current Affairs Workshop (P5-P6) {NEW}

In this 2 hours workshop, we summarise all the must know content knowledge into digestible bits!

Topic: Healthy Living & Sports – The Importance of Healthy Living (Physical & Mental) and tips on upkeeping physical and mental health.

What is it and why should my child join the session?

  • Sharing of latest trends in Singapore: Allows your child to keep abreast of what is happening in the society
  • Kickstarts the interest of reading news articles
  • Workshop content is presented in an easy to understand manner
  • Relevant knowledge and vocabulary gained will aid your child in answering oral examination questions and comprehension cloze blanks
  • Provides real life examples for commonly tested oral topics 

Fees: $95 x 2 hrs 1-day lesson

Current Affairs Workshop Sec/IP

Topic: Government & Politics

Our current affairs workshop is specifically designed to help secondary/IP/JC students:

 Comprehend and apply the latest news content accurately to boost their content marks for essay writing.

 Learn new vocabulary that elevates their line of argument.

 Find relevant examples/case studies that are current and reflect the circumstances of today

 Use current examples to write persuasively and accurately to reflect their essay stance.

Fees: $95  2hrs x 1-day workshop

 Current Affairs Workshop (Secondary/IP/JC)
 Seminar 1: COVID19 & its global and local impact

Our current affairs workshop is specifically designed to help secondary/IP/JC students:
 Foster in-depth understanding of global and local impacts of the pandemic
 Learn global and local (Singapore) trends pertaining to the pandemic
Understand effects of the pandemic on variety of sectors e.g. Education, Tourism
 Apply knowledge learnt to construct persuasive arguments with convincing content for essay writing
Online (Zoom)

Essay Exam Prep Workshops: Current Affairs & Content for Essay Writing

Arts & Culture:
8 Apr Thursday 7-9pm

Science & Technology:
9 Apr Friday 6-8pm

Government & Politics
 31 May Monday 7-9pm

 Learn MUST KNOW exam essay questions for each topic

Understand the impact of the topic in relation to global and local contexts

 Apply knowledge learnt to construct persuasive arguments for essays relating to the topic.

Fees: $95 per workshop

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