Get a Head start: Phonics Baseline Assessments for Your Child

As the world becomes more competitive, more parents are looking for better ways to ensure that their child has strong foundations growing up to set them up for success in the future. One of the most fundamental skills anyone should have is the ability to communicate in verbal and written forms — especially in the world’s lingua franca: English.

Challenges in Learning the English Language today

Western entertainment and other content permeates our screens. While consuming western media is a convenient way of exposing our children to English, it might not be an appropriate medium to help first-time learners grasp the fundamentals of the language.  

Learning the fundamentals

Beyond movies and cartoons, there is a far wider scope of vocabulary that is needed to navigate the world using English. Without a systematic way of learning, children can grow up to have more difficulties in reading and writing compared to others. Incorrect or ineffective understanding of one word can affect the total comprehension of a spoken or written sentence.

Deciphering each word

English words may be more difficult for some to understand. Unlike in other languages where certain characters have a designated sound, English letters can sound and function differently depending on the word; some words do not have a typical structure with their letters, with some being silent, and some need to be accentuated more. This can become a barrier for your child to be more fluent in reading and writing in the language.

Learn to Read Faster with Phonics

Phonics is a teaching method geared towards better reading and writing skills. It utilizes the child’s listening ability to identify and distinguish sounds of each letter to comprehend words in the English language. It treats the letters as codes you need to decipher, and by understanding each code, the combinations will be easier to read.

Learning Journey Education Centre offers Phonics lessons Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Each class lasts for 1.5 hours and is packed with fun and hands-on interesting activities, not just boring worksheets!

Class size affects learning

When it concerns sounds and mastering the fundamentals of another language, having a smaller class size is advantageous. A one-on-one tutor may be boring for your child, and a class size that’s too big tends to be distracting.

class size of 4 – 6 students is perfect for both the teacher and the students. With a smaller class size, the teacher can pay more attention to the different needs of each student and give them feedback in real-time.

At the Learning Journey Education Centre, we use small class sizes to encourage independent learning, as well as comfortable interaction with peers. At the same time, smaller class sizes tend to be less distracting, making it easier to engage students and have them actively take part in lessons.

Our Online classes are as interactive and effective as physical classes

As parents, it’s always “safety first” with our children — especially during a pandemic. Online classes to allow your child to learn in the comfort and safety of your home; while giving them a familiar environment to learn in but still allowing free interaction with their classmates and teachers like they would have in a physical classroom.

Why You Should Sign Your Child Up for a Phonics Baseline Assessment

Before jumping into phonics classes, it helps to have your child take a baseline assessment to determine their reading proficiency levels. At Learning Journey Education Centre, our reading specialists conduct free phonics baseline assessments to gauge your child’s reading ability with no obligations to sign up for classes.

The Phonics Baseline Assessment helps our reading specialists to gauge your child’s abilities and customise lessons according to their learning needs. A benefit of baseline assessments is that by placing your child in the right reading class, they will be less overwhelmed and can learn at the same pace as their peers. A positive outcome of this will be that they will feel more motivated to come for classes each week!

Get a Head start with a Free Phonics Baseline Assessment

Preparing your child for life’s challenges will open more opportunities for them to grow. Get a head start and improve your child’s confidence in reading.

Sign up for a free Phonics baseline assessment today!

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