Super Writers™! Chinese Tuition & Creative Writing 创意写作班

Super Writers Programme 创意写作班 – Chinese Tuition & Creative Writing

Ace Your Chinese Composition Writing 

  • Creative Composition Writing – learning to write creatively, expressively and descriptively!
  • grasp the important steps to writing a good essay, like constructing good sentences and paragraphs
  • Vocabulary Expansion- Increase your child’s confidence in doing well for Chinese through mastery of the use of good phrases and words

Hey Parents! Is Your Child Struggling With Chinese Composition Writing, Paper 2 and Oral? 

Have you tried almost all the “recommended” Chinese tuition centres and tutors and still CAN’T find a suitable tutor to help your child?

Are you wondering Why Conventional Chinese Tuition Methods Don’t Work For Your Child?

Learning Journey’s 3-Step Methodology That Gets Your Child Acing Chinese  (even if they hate it)

How To Excel In Chinese Even If Your Child Is From An English Family/ Environment. Or Absolutely Hates Writing.

We can help your child can learn Chinese FASTER, in a happier, less stressful and less painful environment. 

Write your way to a better Chinese grade!

Our programme is highly recommended for students who are weak in Chinese or have been failing Chinese.

At the start of our programme, each child will be evaluated based on their current abilities. After which, our tutors will customize a learning plan and practice assignments and activities best suited for your child’s learning styles and abilities.

Primary level:

  • Creative Composition Writing – learning to write and speak creatively, expressively and descriptively!
  • Able to grasp the important steps to writing a good essay, like constructing good sentences and paragraphs
  • Learn different approaches to writing excellent compositions
  • Vocabulary Expansion
  • Comprehension Answering Techniques
  • Increase your child’s confidence in doing well for Chinese through mastery of use of good phrases and words.
  • Practice papers and composition assignments given every 2 weeks.
  • Papers are marked and teacher will spend time to go through with each student in class. Our small class size allows our tutor to spend more time with each student to work on their writing techniques and specific areas to improve on.
  • Show & Tell/Oral practice

With a small class size of 1 TEACHER TO 4-6 STUDENTS, we provide an environment similar to 1-to-1 tuition and yet allow students to participate actively in small group learning.

We believe in using interactive activities, real life situations and examples to make our lessons engaging and enjoyable so that the child learns to love and master the language.

see our students’ compositions here: 

Classes are taught by Singaporean Chinese Teachers (using Bilingual approach which works for children who are resistant to learning Chinese, weak/fail in Chinese or even hate Chinese)

Patient, dedicated and engaging teachers makes all the difference to this group of students. 


“My son hates Chinese. Despite changing so many Chinese tutors, he was quite discouraged with his grades. We are very thankful for Mdm Lim’s gentle encouragement that spur his interest in the subject again. At least he is more incline to do practice on his own !! That’s unbelievable !! Then with the recent SA1, he actually passed by 8 marks ! He was shocked, so are we !! 林老师,谢谢你!!”

Mother of David, P5 St Gabriel’s 

“We have tried many Chinese tuition centres, however, the bilingual teaching approach used by Teacher Grace and her team was so effective that within 3 months, his Chinese grades improved from a C (CA1) to A (SA1, P6 Prelims)!” Calen’s mummy, P6 Catholic High

” I have never passed my compositions since Primary 3. My compositions are usually very short (less than 1 page). Within 3 months, I managed to use more than 10 good phrases in my composition. I have never used so many good phrases in my Chinese composition. I also managed to remember and use an 11 word phrase in my class composition and my Chinese teacher praised me for the first time. I felt so happy.”

P6, Xan, SJI
PS: Xan has dyslexia =) *Booking is confirmed upon payment. Kindly note that all fees paid are strictly non-refundable and non- transferable.


About Principal- Teacher Grace

Grace is the founder of Learning Journey Education Centre. She’s an Award-Winning bilingual education specialist with more than 10 years of experience. She has been featured in The Straits Times, Parents’ World Magazine and Motherhood Magazine amongst others. 

Her school has also been awarded with the Best “Creative & Engaging” Learning Centre Award. Her centre  transformed the lives of more than 900 students, bringing them from failure to A*, from borderline pass to full marks in 2 months. She  and her team aim to make students happy and “at home” with Chinese.



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