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We are grateful to our supportive students and parents for their kind words of encouragement. Thank you so much! We enjoyed having all of you with us. We strive to do our best to make every student a happy one. =)


Within 3 months, my girl’s composition writing improved from 24 marks to 32 after joining Learning Journey in Dec’15. She went on to score 34 marks (Compo) in her P6 SA1, and 80/95 (Paper 2), a remarkable improvement and achievement!Thanks to teacher Grace for her patience and unique style of teaching! Personally, I also like teacher Grace’s open conmunication with parents. Kudos to teacher Grace and her team, keep up the good work!
Mrs Ho, mother of Yun En, P6, Marymount Convent

“Thank you for supporting my daughter in her PSLE journey . She was with LJEC from Nov 2016 till Sep 2017. Like magic, within 10 months, her grades jumped from B to A*. I could not imagine this great leap. I think this happened not only because she was taught techniques but also due to the words of motivation by teacher Helen and Grace. Those words really motivated her to do her home work every week!” 
Anitha, Lavaanya’s mum, P6 Geylang Methodist

“I would like to thank Learning Journey for guiding Janelle in her English. Her compositions improved from the usual 20+ to at least 35. And never in a million years that we expect Janelle to get A* for her PSLE English. Thank you!” – Janelle’s mum, P6 St Hilda’s


Spot on! The 2016 PSLE English composition topic given “A Secret”  – our students had done the topic in our classes and read at least 3 model compositions (top scoring compositions written by our own students!) on it previously.

“Thanks for spotting the PSLE 2017 Composition topic and making sure she practiced it well! She said the composition question was easy! You are so good at spotting the composition topic! Thanks for preparing her well!”
Mrs Tan, mum of P6 student

“My son’s English grades improved from a B to A within 3 months! We are so confident with Grace and her team that we also enrolled Calen for the Chinese writing class. And after 3 months, his grades improved from a C to A! Many thanks to Grace and her team for doing a fantastic job!”
Mummy of Calen, P6 Catholic High

“Ever since my daughter attended the Super Writers English tuition classes, she started scoring above 30 marks for her class compositions from 20+ marks. She was scoring borderline marks for her paper 2 (50+ marks) and has made much improvement since. She is now more motivated and confident and hopes to score at least 70 marks for her SA1! Thank you Teachers for guiding her patiently.”

Mother of Chloe, P6, Holy Innocents’ Primary School

“Dear Teacher Grace, thank you for helping me improve my English grade from a C6 to B3 within 3 weeks of intensive lessons before SA2. The small, conducive study environment allows for one-to-one tutoring and at the same time encouraging in depth small group discussion for topics related to what is done in school. I hope to continue to improve and achieve better results under your tutelage.”Gerald, IP3, Catholic High – joined Super Writers Intensive Classes (3 lesssons) and regular classes
Improved for AQ to 8/10, Composition paper to 31/40 and Paper 2

“The classes at Learning Journey has definitely helped improve my English grades tremendously. The resources provided here are extremely informative and the small classes allow the teachers to focus specifically on our weaknesses. During classes, we also do intensive composition planning and learn useful AQ answering techniques. The lessons are very productive and cover a lot of useful content and examples.The Teachers also take efforts to explain and conduct in-depth discussions based on the notes and articles prepared for us. For current affairs, the Teachers also share recent articles with the class so that we have quality content to ace our essays and AQ sections.”

Jerad, IP3, Catholic High, From borderline to A! (72 marks),  8/10 for AQ (IP3, SA2)

“From barely passing to getting an A, Learning Journey’s English classes has certainly helped me to do much better. The teachers are very patient, kind and caring and their fun methods of teaching has allowed me to get a better understanding and cultivate my love for English. Under their watchful eyes, every mistake is corrected, lessons are taught effectively and I have benefited greatly from this. Their tips and tricks have allowed me to learn the techniques to answering questions and get me to score better. An hour and a half for each lesson may not be a lot but each time I exit the centre, I would leave with a new piece of knowledge. Thank you Learning Journey for helping me improve my English!”Justin, IP4, Catholic High- from borderline to finally an A!

“It has been almost a year since my child joined Learning Journey for the  Super Writers (Secondary) English classes . Lessons so far according to him have been nothing short of engaging. He was also equipped with the skills necessary to do well for Paper 1& 2. This has certainly helped him to improve his score from B in Sec 1 to A for Sec 2, SA1 . In addition, what I like about this centre is the commitment of the teacher in charge of my son’s class & Ms Grace is very approachable & constantly sincere in helping her students to achieve. I’m glad my child did not disappoint her! – Mrs Lim, son in Victoria School Sec 2


From borderline pass to GPA 3.5 in 6 months!  Amish, IP1, Victoria School 

“From single digit marks to 24/25 for AQ- Best in Class for Application Question (AQ)” Devanshu, IP4, Victoria School

From “fail” (Sec 4 CA1) to 2nd in Class for English SA1 in less than 3 months!
Dev, Sec 4, Compassvale Secondary School, Super Writers & English Tuition

“Thank you Teacher Helen and Teacher Grace, for being so patient with teaching my daughter.  I can see the improvements in her English (from borderline pass to 70%) “

Mother of Tricia, P4, Xin Min Primary School (Super Writers English)

I attended only 2 lessons and my SA1 composition grade jumped to Band 1 from 20/40 (a recent composition I wrote in class)!

Cody, P6, Rosyth School

Teacher Grace taught me useful techniques that I can use for my English paper 2. I have not learnt these methods in my other tuition centre or at school. I applied these techniques and got 14/15 for the comprehension cloze practice paper I did immediately in class!

Ethan, P4, GEP Catholic High

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 Chinese Tuition and Creative writing Primary

“My son hates Chinese. Despite changing so many Chinese tutors, he was quite discouraged with his grades. We are very thankful for Mdm Lim’s gentle encouragement that spurred his interest in the subject again. At least he is more inclined to do practice on his own !! That’s unbelievable !! Then with the recent SA1, he actually passed by 8 marks ! He was shocked, so are we !! 林老師,謝謝你!”

David’s mum, P5, St Gabriel’s

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We are so happy for this student! Getting full marks from a borderline passing grade is certainly not easy! We are glad our bilingual teaching approach works for this group of students who are STRUGGLING WITH CHINESE!

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“My compositions are usually very short (less than 1 page). Within 3 months,  I managed to use more than 10 good phrases in my composition. I have never used so many good phrases in my Chinese composition. I also managed to remember and use an 11 word phrase in my class composition and my Chinese teacher praised me for the first time. I felt so happy.”

X, P6, SJI- Super Writers (Chinese)

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Super Maths Tuition 

Maths tuition learning journey singapore


The small class environment and a group of patient teachers allows my child to have more interaction with the teachers. My child looks forward to attend every lesson! The teachers also give a debrief after each lesson to update me on my child’s progress. That helps us to understand our child’s learning needs better.

Mummy of Lucas (Super readers: phonics and reading)

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