PSLE English Tuition Preparation Classes

PSLE 2022 English Intensive Preparation classes workshop @ Serangoon North/ Punggol/Seng Kang/Online Classes

SPOT ON! We spotted the 2016-2021 PSLE English ORAL TOPICS!
Countdown to PSLE 2022!


Is your child having problems obtaining AL1 even with intensive revision?

Is your child scraping through tests and examinations by a narrow margin?

Find out how we helped 20% of our students score AL1 for 2021 PSLE!
Our Stellar Results For PSLE 2021: 

Learn the techniques our LJEC students use to secure a major boost in confidence to tackle even the most challenging questions of the English Paper!

PSLE Intensive workshop (The final lap)

✅ Must know PSLE Composition topics

✅ Revision of important synthesis rules 

✅ Revision of must know grammar rules

✅ Must know words for editing 

✅ Comprehension OE strategies

Fees: $200: 2h x 2 days

Online: 6, 7 September Tue Wed 7-9pm 

Let our team of skilled & dedicated teachers get your child up to speed as they prepare to tackle this major exam!

⚛️ Get Ready for PSLE 2022 Online Workshop
🙌🏼Prepare your child for PSLE !
● Learn a useful technique for compositions to impress the examiners
● Discover the importance of sentence variation
● How to effectively use transitional phrases
● Learn a useful strategy for getting a must-know synthesis question right!
● Master an important comprehension cloze technique
● Bonus handout for your child to keep (includes 2 model compositions)

Zoom link will be sent to you 1-2 days before the workshop

Fees: $55 x 1.5hrs 1-day lesson

📅 Session 1 : 10 Sept Fri 7-8:30pm OR

📅 Session 2:  30 Sept Thu 7-8:30pm (For Primary 5s)

✒️ To sign up: 

☎️ Call/Whatsapp us at: 97208802

PSLE Intensive English Prep Classes

Our intensive preparation classes will be conducted by our team of LJEC Teachers.

With these classes, your child will be ready to ace his/her examinations with confidence!

What’s Covered During The Classes:

  • Composition writing techniques (Super Writers™️ Roadmap)
  • Must know composition topics for PSLE Composition
  • Learn important Paper 2 techniques
  • Comprehension Cloze Techniques
  • (Comprehension Cloze Assessment book by Principal Grace)
  • Synthesis & transformation techniques
  • Mock examination paper 1 & 2
  • Marking of mock exams with individualized feedback

 Enquire with us at 97208802 for timeslots for online and physical classes.

Ace your Comprehension Open Ended workshop
What’s Covered During The Classes:
Learn the LJEC Comprehension OE Techniques
Techniques to help you understand the passage better
Understanding the mark distribution and marking scheme for questions?
Skills to ace your inferential questions
How to score for True/False and Cause/Effect questions?
How to get the chronological order question 100% right?
Practice questions with explanations

Fees: $95 x 2 hrs 1-day lesson
Online: Wed 8 Sep 4-6pm 

Synthesis & Transformation Workshop
Must know synthesis & transformation techniques for commonly tested PSLE synthesis questions
(direct, indirect speech questions and other commonly tested questions)

Fees: $150 2hrs x 2 days workshop
Online: Tues 7 September  – 12-2pm 

Comprehension Cloze Workshop

Techniques to use to score for Comprehension Cloze
(using Comprehension Cloze Assessment book written by Principal Grace)
Comprehension Cloze practice and guided corrections analysis using the LJEC Comprehension Cloze techniques.

Fees: $150 2hrs x 2 days workshop
Online: Thurs 9th Sept & Fri 10 Sept 12.30 -2.30pm

Ace Your Primary/PSLE Composition Booster Workshop (P4-P6)
Discover How Your Child Can Learn Useful Techniques & Strategies to Improve Composition Writing Skills Effectively

What’s covered during the workshop
Composition writing techniques (Super Writers roadmap and framework)
Writing techniques: Feelings, character and settings descriptions, excellent phrases, Interesting introductions, excellent endings techniques and many more!

Ace your PSLE Oral Booster Online Workshop 

  • 5 Must-know topics for Stimulus Based Conversation
  • Strategies & techniques to ace PSLE English oral
  • Handouts provided

Primary/PSLE Online Oral PRACTICE Workshop (English)
With our online oral course, your child can practice his/her oral online with our teachers without leaving the house!

What’s covered during the workshop:

-1 “LIVE” SIMULATED oral per session
-Extra simulated oral practice sessions for students who need more practice to build their confidence for their oral examination.
-Learn techniques to ace your oral examinations!
-Improve pronunciation, diction, vocal expression, intonation and articulation
-Students are provided with in-house oral materials that are developed to follow the PSLE format, modelled after actual oral examination questions tested in primary schools
-Each session will cover 1 topic with class discussion and related vocabulary
-Sign up for subsequent packages to cover all 20 topics

Fees: $95 (1 session X 1.5h) $180 (2 sessions x 1.5h)
Limited to 6 students per session. Classes are conducted ONLINE.
The simulated oral session will be 10 minutes of testing per oral question

Option 1: Fridays 7-8.30pm
Option 2: Saturdays 9-10.30am 



Ariel Tang, Primary 6, Methodist Girls’ School (From A to A* for PSLE English) attended LJEC’s Online Classes from May- Sep 2020
“I think that the online classes are as effective as the physical classes and online classes saves on traveling time which can be put to better use. In addition, I think that the teaching quality is the same in both types of classes. Before joining learning journey, I had problems with writing Compositions and Vocab Cloze passage as for compositions, I did not know how to apply the good phrases correctly but learning journey taught me the precise and accurate meanings of the phrases so I could put them to better use. Additionally, LJEC also helped to expand my vocabulary so I knew more words to fill in the blanks in the cloze passages and that enabled me to improved from an A to an A star. They covered all the PSLE components well and I find that all the techniques taught were the best among the other classes that I have experienced and they also provided a comprehensive range of composition samples and notes.
My experience at Learning Journey made me hungry for knowledge and ways to improve. I like that the classes give you sufficient time to do the homework given so I would be able to complete my homework easily and on time. The teachers have been very patient and kind to me. I really appreciate it. The classes are executed with only a few students in each class, that meant that the teachers have more time to spare to answer our questions. I would recommend Learning Journey to my friends as it really helped me tremendously to prepare for my PSLE, thus I am sure my friends would learn a lot from it too and they can benefit from the classes at Learning Journey and see results in a short span of time.”

“I found the online classes at Learning Journey just as good as the actual ones. They were effective and the teachers put in much hard work to come up with presentations, from sharing Google Documents to Microsoft Word Documents.

The lessons at Learning Journey had benefitted me greatly. Through the vocabulary learnt at Learning Journey I can use them not only in my composition writing but also in my speech, to speak more fluently and effectively.

The 2 most important techniques I have learnt from classes at Learning Journey is the TPTP method in which I call for short ‘Toilet Paper Toilet Paper’ and the MFHD method, in which I call also for short ‘My Father Had Diarrhoea’. So the TPTP method helps me a lot when doing Direct and Indirect questions in Synthesis and the MFHD method helps me structure the perfect conclusions for composition writing.

My experience at Learning Journey has been a fun and enjoyable one. Classes here are fun and my friends are friendly and like to communicate when doing discussion work. Whenever I have any question or query, I can ask my teachers for help. They are kind and understanding and they answer to our every need. I will never forget my experience at Learning Journey and it will always be in my heart.

I will recommend Learning Journey to my friends. I think they will benefit from the techniques taught here, and they will definitely have a fun and enjoyable time here.”

From A to A* Juanie Shery Primary 6 Springdale Primary School

From Fail 30/95″ to “A” (PSLE English)


Here’s what our students & their parents say about our Super Writers & Tuition classes:

Within 3 months, my girl’s composition writing improved from 24 marks to 32 after joining Learning Journey in December. She went on to score 34 marks in her P6 SA1, a remarkable improvement and achievement! Thanks to teacher Grace for her patience and unique style of teaching! Personally, I also like teacher Grace’s open conmunication with parents. Kudos to teacher Grace and her team, keep up the good work!
Mrs Ho, mother of Yun En, P6, Marymount Convent 

The PSLE 2016 English composition topic “A Secret” – our students had done the topic in our classes and read at least 3 model compositions (top scoring compositions written by our own students!) on it previously. The topic had been our list of Top 50 most commonly tested composition topics since 2015.

“Thanks for spotting the PSLE 2016 Composition topic and making sure she practiced it well! She said the composition question was easy! You are so good at spotting the composition topic! Thanks for preparing her well!”
Mrs Tan, mum of P6 student


“Thank you for supporting my child in her PSLE journey . She was with LJEC from Nov 2016 till Sep 2017. Like magic, within 10 months, her grades jumped from B to A*. I could not imagine this great leap. I think this happened not only because she was taught techniques but also due to the words of motivation by teacher Helen and Grace. Those words really motivated her to do her home work every week!”
Anitha, Lavaanya’s mum, P6 Geylang Methodist School (Primary)

“I would like to thank Learning Journey for guiding Janelle in her English. Her compositions improved from the usual 20+ to at least 35. And never in a million years that we expect Janelle to get A* for her PSLE English. Thank you!”
Janelle’s mum, P6 St Hilda’s Primary School 


For PSLE Primary 6 students & Primary levels




Here’s a snapshot of  how some of our students performed for their PSLE English.  

As you can see, almost all our students were getting B/C/borderline passes when they joined us…

If you child is currently under performing, we can help!

Your child CAN take his first steps with us…by signing up for our intensive PSLE English Classes, where we will teach him all the techniques and strategies our students used to achieve the above grades!

view our students compositions here:
Composition writing techniques
SIGN UP FOR  OUR PSLE PREPARATION CLASSES! *Booking is confirmed upon payment. Kindly note that all fees paid are strictly non-refundable and non- transferable.


Here’s what our students & their parents say about our Super Writers & Tuition classes:

“My son’s English grades improved from a B to A within 3 months!
We are so confident with Grace and her team that we also enrolled Calen for the Chinese writing class. And after 3 months, his grades improved from a C to A! Many thanks to Grace and her team for doing a fantastic job!”
Mummy of Calen, P6 Catholic High

“Ever since my daughter attended the Super Writers English tuition classes, she started scoring above 30 marks for her class compositions from 20+ marks. She was scoring borderline marks for her paper 2 (50+ marks) and has made much improvement since. She is now more motivated and confident and hopes to score at least 70 marks for her SA1! Thank you Teachers for guiding her patiently.”

Mother of Chloe, P6, Holy Innocents’ Primary School

I attended only 2 lessons and my SA1 composition grade jumped to Band 1 from 20/40 (a recent composition I wrote in class)!

Cody, P6, Rosyth School

We would like to share a collection of model compositions written by our students who have scored A/A* for PSLE English. 

(these are real compositions written by real students and they were writing just like your child when they first joined us! Many of them failed their composition tests when they joined us)

Download the newest edition of our students’ model compositions here:

Our English and Chinese Programme Curriculum is written by our Principal -Teacher Grace- 

Grace is the author of the most comprehensive and useful series of comprehension cloze assessment books entitled “Comprehension Cloze Techniques”(published by Singapore Asia Publishers). The series of six books were recently launched at Popular Bookstores.

She holds a Master in Education (NIE-NTU), and has achieved distinctions for modules in Bilingualism & Biliteracy, Curriculum Design & Development and Curriculum.

Learning Journey Education Centre had been featured in The Straits Times, Kiasuparents, Parents’ World magazine, Esquire Magazine, Motherhood magazine, amongst others.

Learning Journey Education Centre has been featured in The Straits Times,
Parents’ World magazine, Esquire Magazine, Motherhood magazine, Kiasuparents, amongst others.

The centre has also been awarded the Best in “Creative & Engaging” Learning Centre Award – Parent’s World Best Enrichment & Learning Schools Read More Here.

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