Webinar special $160 instead of $200 – Personal Recount/Reflective & Expository Writing Hacks (Secondary / IP) (Sec 1-4 / IP1-2)


Time is running out! Don’t miss the opportunity to supercharge your essay writing skills with our exclusive webinar special offer. This limited-time deal will expire on Wed 15 May 2024 8pm, so act fast and secure your spot now!

Webinar special $160 instead of $200


📝 Personal Recount/Reflective Essay Writing Class: Unleash Your Writing Prowess! (suitable for S1-4/IP1-2)

Conducted by👩🏻‍🎓 Principal Grace & LJEC teachers.


Perfect the art of organizing your thoughts, maintaining your authentic voice, and leaving a lasting impression. Your narratives can resonate deeply and inspire your peers.

What to expect:

🚀 Crafting Excellent Introductions & Paragraphs: Learn the art of crafting compelling introductions and body paragraphs that engage readers from the start.

📖 Model Compositions for Reference: Explore model compositions to gain insights into effective essay structures and styles. 

📚 Essay Writing Practice: Put your newfound knowledge to the test through hands-on essay writing practice that reinforces your skills.

👩‍🏫 Teachers’ Individualized Feedback for Students: Our expert instructors will provide personalized feedback to nurture your growth as a writer.


Fees: $160 instead of $200  (2hrs x 2 days workshop)

Session 1: 10 & 11 June Mon, Tue 1-3 pm

Session 2: 18 & 19 June Tue, Wed 1-3pm


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