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Super Writer™ composition writing workshop 

(Suitable for P4-P6 2024 students)

Discover How Your Child Can Learn Useful Techniques & Strategies to Improve Composition Writing Skills Effectively

What’s covered during the workshop

  • Composition writing techniques (Super Writers™️ Roadmap)
  • ✅ Composition writing techniques: Using our proven Super Writers™ framework & proprietary techniques, like Super Writers™ 1-2-3-4, One Story, many titles, M.F.H.D, F.A.S.T 
  • ✅ Storyline Generation Practice drills for “MUST KNOW” Composition Topics in class

💬 From News to Narratives: Inspiring Compositions with Current Events (P4-P6)

🔥 A Current Affairs Driven Approach: Generate Impressive Storylines for Compositions

Here’s what your child will gain:

✅ Unleash the power of Current Affairs to create compelling and lifelike storylines for commonly tested composition titles! 🌍📰

✅ Master user-friendly strategies for generating captivating narratives 🧠📚

✅ Craft storylines that leave your readers spellbound 📝💫

✅ Eliminate logic gaps to ace frequently tested composition topics 🎯✍️

✅ Expand their vocabulary arsenal for topic-specific brilliance 📖💡

✅ Weave authentic, meaningful dialogues into their tales 💬👥

✅ Spark a genuine interest in current affairs that makes writing a joy 🌐🤓

Join us on a thrilling journey into the world of composition writing, where the power of current affairs fuels creativity! 🚀📝

Session 1

Super Writer™ Composition Writing Workshop
30 Nov & 1 Dec Thu & Fri 1-3pm
Current Affairs Workshop
24 Nov Fri 1-3pm or 28 Nov Tue 1-3pm


Session 2
Super Writer™ Composition Writing Workshop 
14, 15 Dec Thu & Fri 1-3pm
Current Affairs Workshop
8 Dec Fri 1-3pm

Paper 2 Bundle $220 U.P $285

Ace Your Synthesis & Transformation Workshop 
(Suitable for P4-P6 2024 students)

Is your child struggling with synthesis & transformation questions? 🤔 

Learn the must-know techniques of tackling challenging questions at our Synthesis & Transformation Workshop!

Topics covered include:

✅ Direct & Indirect speech

✅ Active & Passive Voice

✅Other commonly tested synthesis questions.

✨ Answering synthesis & transformation questions will be a breeze during examinations!

Ace your Comprehension Open Ended workshop
(Suitable for P4-P6 2024 students)

  • Learn the LJEC Comprehension OE Techniques
  • Techniques to help you understand the passage better
  • Understanding the mark distribution and marking scheme for questions?
  • Skills to ace your inferential questions
  • How to score for True/False and Cause/Effect questions
  • How to get the chronological order question 100% right
  • Practice questions with explanations

Comprehension Cloze Workshop 
(Suitable for P4-P6 2024 students)

🔍 Demystifying Comprehension Cloze:

Comprehension Cloze can be a challenging part of exams, requiring a solid grasp of comprehension and language skills. This workshop is the key to helping your child excel in Comprehension Cloze for the 2024 exams.

What’s covered:
✅ Learn Key Techniques: We teach essential strategies based on Principal Grace’s assessment book, equipping your child to excel in Comprehension Cloze.
✅ Practical Practice: Guided Comprehension Cloze practice sessions refine your child’s skills, ensuring they approach assessments with confidence.

Session 1
Ace Your Synthesis & Transformation Workshop
24 Nov Fri 1-3pm
Ace your Comprehension Open Ended workshop
22 Nov Wed 1-3pm or 3 Dec Sun 11.30-1.30pm
Comprehension Cloze Workshop 
23 Nov, Thu, 1-3pm or 25 Nov, Sat, 9-11am

Session 2
Ace Your Synthesis & Transformation Workshop
6 Dec Wed 5-7pm or 10 Dec Sun 11.30-1.30pm
Ace your Comprehension Open Ended workshop
6 Dec Wed 1-3pm or 21 Dec Thu  1-3pm
Comprehension Cloze Workshop 
8 Dec, Fri, 1-3pm



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