Primary English Oral Mock Exam (for Primary 6)


🌟 Primary English Oral Mock Exam (for Primary 6) 🌟


Did you know? We’ve consistently nailed ONE out of TWO PSLE Oral questions every year for the past SIX years! 🌠

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped countless students soar from 20+ scores to FULL MARKS in their oral exams! 🌟🚀

Meet our shining stars:

🌟Brayden Lai, Primary 6,  Oasis Primary School

⭐ Charlie Cho, Primary 6, Bukit Timah Primary School

⭐ Cayden Tan, Primary 6, Henry Park Primary School

⭐ Lucas, Primary 6, Edgefield Primary School

…and many more!

Here’s what this workshop entails:

✅ 1 “LIVE” oral practice per session

✅ Simulated oral practice for students seeking extra confidence for their oral exams

✅ Master techniques for exceptional oral performance: pronunciation, diction, vocal expression, intonation, and articulation

✅ Receive exclusive in-house oral materials aligned with the PSLE format, mirroring real exam questions

✅ Each session delves into 1 topic with class discussions and relevant vocabulary

✅ Cover a total of 24 topics leading up to the PSLE Oral examination!

Prepare to ace your oral exam with confidence! 🎙️📚💬

💰 Price 

$95 (1 session X 1.5h) 1 topic covered

$180 (2 sessions x 1.5h) 2 topics covered


Choose 1 Day: Monday 7-830pm OR Wed 730-9pm OR Thursday – 5.30-7 pm OR Friday 7-8.30 pm



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