Paraphrasing Hacks to Ace your Comprehension and Summary for IP/Secondary Students!


Are you grappling with vocabulary in context questions? Does the thought of explaining things in your own words feel like an insurmountable challenge? 

Join us to discover invaluable paraphrasing hacks and techniques that will transform your comprehension and summary skills.

In this workshop, you’ll gain the knowledge to:

✨ Decipher contextual clues within passages effortlessly.

✨ Accurately interpret the meaning of words in diverse contexts.

✨ Follow a step-by-step guide to paraphrasing sentences – it’s a life-changing skill!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your comprehension and summary abilities. Uncover the power of effective paraphrasing with us! 🚀📚🔍

Fees: $95 (2 hours X 1 day)

Punggol/Online: Fri 15 Mar 1-3pm


Learning Journey Education Centre.

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