🔥 Learning Journey’s Super Writers: A Better Way to Write – The Current Affairs Driven Approach (Secondary)


Ace Your Essay Writing – Current Affairs Workshop (Sec/IP/JC students) – Enquire for dates

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🔥 Learning Journey’s Super Writers: 

A Better Way to Write – The Current Affairs Driven Approach (Secondary) 

Using current Affairs to generate realistic & impressive storylines for commonly tested essay questions:  

Workshop content: 

✅ Techniques & Strategies to Use for Generating Excellent Essay Storylines 

✅A current affairs driven approach to pique students’ interest in personal recount/reflective essay writing 

✅ Write with no logic gaps to score well for commonly tested composition topics

✅ Create impressive storylines to engage the reader

✅ Expand your vocabulary bank for specific and relevant essay topics 

✅ Craft realistic and meaningful dialogues in essays.

Every Wed 7.30-9pm

💰 Price: $95 (1 session X 1.5h) 

Sign up for 4 sessions and get 10% off 

Sign up for 5 or more sessions – Get 15% off


1)  Globalisation

2) Inequality

3) Arts & Culture

4) Mass media

5)  SG issues

6) Science & Technology

7) Cybersecurity

8) Artificial Intelligence

9) Government


Enquire with us on the dates


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