Primary 1 Preparation Programme/ Preparatory Programme (English/Mathematics/Chinese)

Primary 1 Preparation Programme/ Preparatory Programme (English/Mathematics/Chinese) (5-6 years)

This course aims to reinforce basic preschool concepts taught for your child’s head start to primary one education.

Primary 1 Preparation Programme/ Preparatory Programme (English/Mathematics/Chinese)-

This once-weekly, 1½ hour programme is specially designed to equip 6-year-olds with necessary academic skills as they get ready for their primary school journey. Lessons are conducted in a highly interactive, hands-on and fun environment through a series of Montessori and other engaging activities.

We accept a maximum of 6 students per class.

Topics introduced are in line with MOE’s Primary 1 English, Mathematics and Chinese syllabus.

English Preparatory Class

Reading & Phonics skills, comprehension, Listening and Speaking Skills, Vocabulary Expansion, Creative Expression, Paragraph and story writing, Grammar Rules, Cloze Passage, Show and Tell, Journal writing

Mathematics Preparatory Class

Number bonds, Number patterns, Numbers 1 to 100, Addition and Subtraction, Length, Time and Money, Ordinal Numbers, Problem sums, model drawing, Multiplication

Chinese Preparatory Class

Reading, Hanyu pinyin, writing strokes, word recognition, comprehension and sentence construction, Show and Tell (Do you know that your child needs to do Mandarin Show and Tell in primary school?)


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