Preparing Your Child for Secondary School

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#1 Orientating your child to public transport as school may be further away.

Explain how the MRT map works, how to read the train direction and what to do if they get on the wrong train or alight at the wrong stop.

Let them try out on their own for an afternoon (off peak hours) and lead the way to a destination of their choice! 

Agree on a destination and meet them there to see if they can find their way there and back home! 

#2 Go online shopping or mall hopping for a nice new teen wardrobe! 

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Instagram, Tik Tok or Pinterest is a good place to get outfit inspiration ideas

Online shopping- do remember to check out the post purchase reviews and measurements before purchasing! 

#3 Look for stationery that makes your teen want to study and write notes! 


Spend an afternoon stationery shopping with your teen-to-be!

Recommendations: Muji and Popular are good places to start. 

A good highlighter set and notebook can be very aesthetic and functional too!

Have fun!

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