Learning Excursions (Mandarin)

Learning Excursion Trips conducted in Mandarin

Our quality curriculum includes experiential activities such as theme related learning trips!

Read more about our learning trips 
Supermarket Learning Trip  
Dental Clinic Visit & Dental Talk  Aug 2013
Policemen visit Sep 2013
Animal Farm Learning Trip Nov 2013
Esplanade Interactive Theatre –  Let’s play pretend 

The sessions aim to introduce conversational mandarin to its participants in a fun and interactive setting. The more they talk about it, the better they get! Conducted by an experienced bilingual teacher (Teacher Grace), the children will get to ask questions in English if they are unable to phrase the questions in Mandarin. We will then guide them how to ask the questions in Mandarin.

The sessions include the actual field trip, traveling time by public transport, show and tell sessions and an art and craft session (if time allows)

Sessions are conducted at our ORCHARD CENTRE

Age Group : Children age 3 to 8 years old

Pricing: please enquire with us – 1 caregiver can accompany the child from 10-1pm at no charge.

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