Upcoming events/ workshops

🚨Intensive Exam Preparation Workshops during PSLE Marking Days [Primary 3-5 English]
Additional Composition Planning Drills & Practice on Must know composition topics
Recap of important Paper 2 techniques & practice
Punggol: 14,15,16 Oct Mon Tue Wed 1230-330pm
Serangoon: 15,16,17 Oct Tue Wed Thu 1230-330pm
Fees: $300 (LJEC students), $330 (Non LJEC students) + $50 material fees
Ace your Secondary/IP English workshop (Parent-child)

We know that most students face difficulties in crafting a succinct introduction in their writing. Some other students are unable to provide concise answers for comprehension questions. With that in mind, here is what you can expect during the Ace Your IP/Secondary English workshop specially catered for IP/secondary students.

🛄 Introduction to Secondary 1 English (for P6 students going to Sec 1 in 2020) Workshop 1: Date/Time: 3 Nov Sun 3-5pm
The requirements for English Language at secondary level can be daunting, even for those with a good foundation. However, if your child acquires the right techniques from the start, it would set a good foundation for them to score well for one of the most important subject at secondary level. 
By popular demand, we will be conducting our Ace Your Secondary 1 English Workshop where we will be providing useful tips for you and your child to help ease the transition!

🖊 In this parent-child workshop, Principal Grace and our team of LJEC Secondary English Specialists Teachers will be sharing the requirements for Secondary 1 English to both parents and students.

What will be covered: 

✅ Techniques that your child can use to do well for Personal Recount/Reflexive Essays

✅ Introduction to the different question types found in the comprehension paper and LJEC answering techniques that your child can use to answer them. 

🛄 Workshop 2: For Secondary/IP 2- 4: Date/Time: 2 Nov Sat 330-530pm

✅Learn our step-by-step structured framework to write an awesome introduction for expository compositions to wow your teachers!
✅Learn techniques to answer the most challenging questions in the comprehension paper and secure your desired grade for your English paper! + Hands on practice for introduction writing
✅complimentary post exam analysis (Paper 2) with our team of Secondary English Specialist teachers
( bring along your exam papers – diagnostic/consultation will be conducted together with student’s parent)

only 12 slots are available for each session

Venue: LJEC Serangoon North centre (next to Rosyth School)
Fee: $95 per pair (1 parent + 1 child),
$65 per pair (via LJEC student referral)

Fill up this google form to confirm a spot with us: https://bit.ly/2RAJKEl

Payment by bank transfer, Paynow: 201834408W (Please Use your child’s name as reference name) Please indicate your child’s name during the transfer, and to WhatsApp us a screenshot at 96252102. Slots will be confirmed upon payment.

Sign up here: https://www.learningjourney.edu.sg/sign-up-for-classes/

Ace Your PSLE English Workshop (for P4/P5 parents & students) 

  • Conducted by Teacher Grace and a team of LJEC teaching specialists 
  • Strategies to ace English for Composition & Paper 2 

Date: 10 Nov Sunday 3-5pm

Venue: LJEC Serangoon North Centre (next to Rosyth School)

Fees: $120 (For 1 parent + 1 child) /  $95* LJEC student & parent referral

Parenting Seminar: Connecting With Your Teens

Register here: https://ljec.ecwid.com/Parenting-Seminar-Connecting-with-your-teens-p25508518

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