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Ace Your DSA Interview Preparation Workshop with Principal Grace

  • May 05, 2024

Prepare your child for success with Learning Journey’s comprehensive workshop tailored to equip both parents & students with essential skills & strategies to excel in the DSA interview. This workshop, with exclusive sessions & limited slots, offers time-slots available during June holidays.

Enquire with us on time-slots. The workshop is priced at $320 & consists of 2 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours.

Prepare your child to master important and distinct DSA questions & answer them skillfully & authentically. Your child will also be prepared to answer frequently asked questions spontaneously!

Additionally, with Principal Grace, author of the Best Selling ‘Ace Your PSLE Oral’ Book at Popular Bookstores, as your guide, you can be assured of expert guidance throughout.

This workshop is divided into two engaging sessions:


Session 1:

  • Understand the interview process
  • Preparing for questions about yourself & the school 
  • Handling challenging questions from interviewers
  • Interview strategies & etiquette
  • Body language, posture & gestures


Session 2:

  • How to ace school-related questions
  • Working with your child to refine their personal statement
  • Mock interview session with individualized feedback


By participating in Learning Journey’s Workshop on DSA Interview Preparation, parents & students can feel confident & well-equipped to navigate the DSA interview process with ease & success.

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📞Enquire with us @ 9625 2102 for more information!

💰2 Sessions: $320

🕒2.5 Hours x 2 Sessions


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