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2025 PSLE English Oral Changes- What you need to know & FREE Oral Practices for download

  • Jan 28, 2024

As we prepare for the PSLE 2025 English examination, we must be aware of the changes that will shape our approach to language proficiency. A significant transformation awaits us in the PSLE 2025 English Oral component. Here’s a concise guide to keep you informed:

1. Oral Communication Takes Center Stage (40 Marks):

In the PSLE 2025, the Oral component’s weightage has increased to 40 marks, a notable shift from the previous 30 marks. This adjustment underscores the Ministry of Education’s commitment to fostering effective verbal expression. Students will now be evaluated not only on articulation but also on their ability to engage in real-world communication scenarios. (Oral Communication)

Oral exam marks breakdown

Reading Aloud 1 passage- 15 marks
Stimulus-based Conversation 1 photo stimulus- 25 Marks
Total weightage – 20% of English paper

2. Changes in Oral Component Structure:

The Oral component will comprise two distinct segments:

  • Reading Aloud (15 Marks): Emphasis on fluency, pronunciation, and comprehension.

  • Stimulus-Based Conversation (25 Marks): Assessment of students’ ability to engage in meaningful discussions based on provided stimuli.

3. Strategies for Success:

To help students navigate these changes effectively, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Regular Reading Aloud Practice: Enhance fluency and pronunciation through consistent reading-aloud sessions.

  • Engage in Meaningful Conversations: Practice discussing various topics to improve critical thinking and the ability to articulate thoughts coherently.

Upcoming FREE Oral Practices:

To further support your child’s preparation, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of FREE Oral Practices. These practices are meticulously designed to align with the new PSLE 2025 Oral component structure, allowing your child to familiarize themselves with the updated format.


Conclusion: Preparing for Success in 2025 and Beyond

As we embrace the changes in the PSLE 2025 English Oral component, our collective goal is to empower your child with skills tailored for the examination and effective communication in real-life situations.

Stay connected for more insights and resources as we guide your child toward success in the evolving landscape of English education.

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