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Core Differences in PSLE 2025 English Score Weightage: What You Need to Know

  • Jan 27, 2024


As the academic landscape transforms, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has introduced significant changes to the PSLE 2025 English examination.

Understanding these alterations is crucial for parents and students preparing for this educational milestone

Oral Communication Takes Center Stage (40 marks):

  1. One of the most notable shifts in PSLE 2025 is the increased emphasis on oral communication skills, now constituting a substantial 40 marks of the English score instead of the previous 30 marks. This represents a significant departure from the previous structure and underscores the MOE’s commitment to fostering effective verbal expression. Students will be evaluated not only on articulation but also on their ability to engage in real-world communication scenarios.

Oral Component (Change in Weightage from 2025 onwards):

Reading Aloud: 15 marks

Stimulus-Based Conversation: 25 marks

Adjustments in Paper 2 Weightage (90 marks):

  1. Paper 2, now holds a weightage of 90 marks instead of 95 marks.  

This paper consists of these components – comprehension open-ended, comprehension cloze, vocabulary, grammar, and more.

One of the significant changes will also be in the format of the Visual text component.

Visual text: (Change in PSLE syllabus from 2025 onwards):

There will be 1 special type of question and critical thinking

This will mark a change in the distribution of marks within this paper. 

  1. Paper 1 – Composition & Situational Writing Weightage (50 marks)
    The situational writing component is allocated 14 marks, while continuous writing carries a weightage of 36 marks. 

Situational Writing: (Change in PSLE syllabus from 2025 onwards):

One of the changes to the situational writing format  – students will be tested on a critical/exposure question type

These adjustments reflect the evolving priorities in language proficiency, encouraging students to demonstrate versatility in written expression.

Upcoming FREE Situational Writing & Visual Text Practice:

To further support your child’s preparation, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of FREE English Situational Writing & Visual Text Practice Paper. These practices are meticulously designed to align with the new PSLE 2025 Situational Writing & Visual Text , allowing your child to familiarize themselves with the updated format.

  1. Reading and Comprehension Skills (20 marks):
    The weightage for the Listening Comprehension (LC) component stands at 20 marks. While this retains its significance, there has been a shift in the allocation of marks across different components. Students are expected to comprehend spoken language and demonstrate critical listening skills, aligning with the broader objectives of language education.
  2. Navigating the Changes: Strategies for Success
    To excel in the revised PSLE 2025 English examination, students can benefit from tailored strategies:

Oral Communication Enhancement: Given the increased weightage on oral communication, students should actively engage in discussions, presentations, and debates to enhance their verbal skills.

Versatile Writing Practice: With adjustments in situational and continuous writing, students should practice diverse writing styles to express ideas within the allocated marks effectively.

Critical Listening Development: Strengthening listening comprehension skills becomes crucial with the allocation of 20 marks to Listening Comprehension. Encourage active listening and engagement with various spoken materials.

Conclusion: A Holistic Approach to Language Proficiency
As the PSLE 2025 English score weightage changes, the emphasis on a holistic approach to language proficiency becomes more apparent. The goal is not only to excel in examinations but to equip students with the communication skills necessary for future success.

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