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Preparing for PSLE English: Strategies for Academic Excellence

  • Aug 15, 2023

1. The Significance of PSLE – How It Contributes To A Student’s Learning Journey & Why It Is Important

PSLE, also referred to as the “Primary School Leaving Examination,” represents a crucial nationwide test in Singapore undertaken by Primary 6 students. This evaluation assesses students’ proficiencies across subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother Tongue, enhancing their chances for academic excellence and personal growth.

PSLE holds the key to determining the Secondary institution that students can enroll in. Embarking on this new educational phase opens doors for students to excel in diverse domains and showcase their unique talents and passions. Secondary schools classify students into distinct tracks such as Express, Normal (Academic), or Normal (Technical), based on their PSLE results.

The process of PSLE preparation fosters the development of time management, discipline, and perseverance skills, which are pivotal for a student’s forthcoming academic pursuits and life trials. Beyond core academics, PSLE encompasses facets like Oral & Listening Comprehension, fostering essential life proficiencies like effective communication.

In essence, the significance of PSLE lies in its role as a transformative juncture in a student’s learning journey. It profoundly influences academic opportunities, personal development, and overall future success.

2. English Exam Success: Preparing with Confidence

English exams, often serving as a benchmark of language proficiency, require a well-rounded approach to preparation. While memorization has its place, a comprehensive strategy encompassing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills is crucial.

Here are a few effective methods to better prepare yourself for the upcoming English exams.

  • Understanding The Exam Format and Requirements
    Begin by familiarizing yourself with the exam structure, types of questions, and assessment criteria – this helps you to tailor your preparation to match the exam’s expectations and also to ensure you allocate time and effort for each individual section appropriately.
  • Develop Strong Reading Habits
    A regular reading habit exposes you to a wide range of Vocabulary, writing styles, and perspectives. Engage yourself with diverse materials including newspapers, articles, and examples of model essays.
  • Enhance Writing, Reading, and Speaking Skills
    Practice writing essays, reports, and creative pieces on various topics. Focus on organizing ideas coherently and using appropriate Grammar and Vocabulary. Seek feedback/advice from teachers/tutors to identify your weaker areas & areas for improvement.
    Active listening and effective communication are key components. Listen to audio recordings, podcasts and watch movies/news broadcasts in English. Engage in conversations with peers, teachers/tutors, or even family members to develop fluency and clarity in speaking.
  • Utilize Past Year’s Practice Papers
    Practice past year or sample papers offer insight into the question types and difficulty levels. Solving these papers under timed conditions simulates the actual exam environment and enhances time management skills.
  • Active Vocabulary Building
    Expand your vocabulary systematically by learning new words each day. Create flashcards or use vocabulary apps to reinforce your memory. Incorporate these words into your writing and speaking to demonstrate language proficiency.
  • Stay Calm and Manage Stress
    As the exam approaches, practice relaxation techniques to manage stress. A calm mind enhances cognitive function and memory recall. Prioritize sleep, maintain a healthy diet, and engage in physical activity to stay balanced.

    3. Counting Down to PSLE English:
    Last-Minute Studying Tips

    The countdown to PSLE English Oral and PSLE English Written Exam can evoke a range of emotions – excitement, nervousness, and a desire to do their best.

    In the whirlwind of academic life, last-minute studying situations can often arise due to various reasons. Here we will be sharing a few effective last-minute studying tips that can help you enhance your preparation in the final moments. 

    • Review Common Mistakes
      Go through your past English test papers, homework, and quizzes. Identify the types of mistakes you tend to make frequently, such as grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes. This awareness can help you be more mindful during the exam.
    • Self-Curated Notes/Flashcards
      Create concise notes or flashcards containing key grammar rules, vocabulary, and writing techniques. This condensed material can serve as a quick reference during your last-minute review sessions.
    • Analyse Model/Sample Essays
      If possible, review model/sample essays that scored well in previous PSLE exams. Analyze their structures and vocabulary usage. Incorporate these similar techniques into your writing.
    • Vocabulary Drills
      Spend a few minutes each day reviewing a list of advanced vocabulary words. Try to use some of these words in your writing to showcase a strong command of the language.
    • Time-Bound Practice
      Simulate exam requirements by setting a timer for each individual section of the exam. For instance, give yourself an estimated amount of time to complete a Comprehension passage or a writing task. This will help you to develop better time management skills as well.
    • Grammar and Punctuation
      Revise key grammar rules, punctuation marks, and sentence structures. Focus on areas where you tend to make mistakes and practice applying these rules in your writing.

    Remember, while these last-minute tips can be helpful, they work best when combined with a solid foundation of consistent study and practice leading up to the exam. Balancing your efforts between understanding the concepts, practicing exam strategies and maintaining a positive mindset will contribute to your success in the PSLE English exam.

    4.  Last Lap Revision – Learning Journey Education Centre

    For the last 11 years, Learning Journey is best known for our Super Writers™ English Tuition classes and is an Award winning Tuition/Enrichment Centre featured in the Straits Times, Talking Point (Channel 5), and CNA938.

    Our Track Record

    • 75% of our PSLE Cohort scored AL1 – AL4 for the last 8 years 
    • 87% of our PSLE Cohort scored AL1 – AL4 (PSLE 2022)
    • 35% of our PSLE Cohort scored AL1 – AL2 (PSLE 2022)
    • 90% of our online class students scored AL1 (PSLE 2021)

    Engaging in Learning Journey offers several advantages. 

    • Specially Curated Effective Curriculum
      The curriculum is closely aligned to PSLE, O-Levels & A-Levels and is up-to-date with the current MOE syllabus.
    • Interactive & Engaging Lessons
      Our teachers are personally and specially trained by Principal Grace, who is the Founder-Principal of Learning Journey. Our teachers are also trained in giving physical and online lessons – live lessons, not pre-recorded videos.
    • Super Learners™ A.I Revision Platform
      On-demand learning with instant marking and feedback on over 10,000 questions for revision, as well as complimentary access for LJEC students at no extra charges.
    • Excellent Learning Experience
      With a small class setting of 4-6 students.
    • IT Support Available
      IT support is available for a seamless online class experience.

    In the pursuit of PSLE nearing, Learning Journey has prepared Last Lap English Revision Classes designed to ensure that students gain a well-rounded understanding of the English language and encourage students to collaborate, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

    • 2023 Last Lap Revision for P5 & P6 students (Paper 1)

    Workshop 1: A Current Affairs-Driven Approach
    Generate Impressive Storylines for Compositions (For P4-P6 students)

    Ignite Your Child’s Writing Genius with Current Affairs!

    Discover the key to unlocking your child’s full writing potential with our exclusive September Holiday Program for P4-P6 students!

    Our “Current Affairs Driven Approach” will revolutionize their composition writing, making it a cut above the rest.
    By immersing students in real-world events and trends, they will learn to craft compelling storylines that resonate with readers.
    Our expert guidance will equip them with user-friendly strategies to create captivating narratives with flawless logic, ensuring top scores in commonly tested composition topics.
    Enriching their vocabulary bank for specific themes will enable them to express ideas with finesse, while mastering authentic and meaningful dialogues will breathe life into their characters.
    This program not only nurtures their creative talents but also fosters a genuine interest in current affairs.

    Limited slots are available for this transformative experience.
    Secure your child’s spot now!
    Fees: $95 (2 Hrs x 1 Day Workshop)
    Serangoon/Online: 1 Sep 2023, Fri, 7-9pm

    Workshop 2: Ace Your Primary Composition Booster Workshop (Paper 1)

    Discover How Your Child Can Learn Useful Techniques & Strategies to Improve Composition Writing Skills Effectively

    What’s Covered During The Workshop:
    1. Must know common topics
    2. Super WritersTM 1-2-3-4 Composition Planning Framework
    3. Writing techniques: Feelings, character and settings descriptions, excellent phrases, Interesting introductions, excellent ending techniques, and many more!

    Fees: $180 (2 Hrs x 2 Days Workshop)
    Punggol/Online: 4 & 5 Sep 2023, Mon & Tue, 1-3pm

    • 2023 Last Lap Revision for P5 & P6 students (Paper 1)

    Sign up for 1 workshop at $95
    Sign up for 2 workshops at $180 (usual $190)
    Sign up for 3 workshops at $260 (usual $285)

    Workshop 1: Ace Your Comprehension Open-Ended Workshop

    What’s Covered During The Classes:
    1. Learn the LJEC Comprehension OE Techniques
    2. Techniques to help you understand the passage better
    3. Understanding the mark distribution and marking scheme for questions?
    4. Skills to ace your inferential questions
    5. How to score for True/False and Cause/Effect questions?
    6. How to get the chronological order question 100% right?
    7. Practice questions with explanations

    Fees: $95 (2 Hrs x 1 Day Workshop)
    Serangoon/Online: 6 Sep 2023, Wed, 1-3pm

    Workshop 2: Ace Your Comprehension Cloze Workshop

    1. Techniques to use to score for Comprehension Cloze (using Comprehension Cloze Assessment book written by Principal Grace)
    2. Comprehension Cloze practice and guided corrections analysis using the LJEC Comprehension Cloze techniques

    Fees: $95 (2 Hrs x 1 Day Workshop)
    Serangoon/Online: 7 Sep 2023, Thu, 1-3pm

    Workshop 3: Ace Your Synthesis & Transformation Workshop (P4-P6)

    Is your child struggling with synthesis & transformation questions?

    Learn the must-know techniques of tackling challenging questions at our Synthesis & Transformation Workshop!

    Topics covered include:
    1. Direct & Indirect speech
    2. Active & Passive Voice
    3. Other commonly tested synthesis questions

    Answering synthesis & transformation questions will be a breeze during examinations!

    Fees: $95 (2 Hrs x 1 Day Workshop)
    Serangoon/Online: 8 Sep, Fri, 1-3pm

    Parents who are keen to find out more about our upcoming September Holiday Programmes, please click on the link provided –

    Likewise, you may either contact us or pay us a visit at our centres located at:

    1) 540 Serangoon North Ave 4, #B1-109, (S)550540
    Contact/WhatsApp Number: +65 6555 1849 / +65 9625 2102

    2) 658 Punggol East, #01-09, (S)820658
    Contact/WhatsApp Number:+65 9720 8802

    • Model Compositions Book (Upper Primary)

    Price: $12 (Self-collection at our Centres or +$3.80 SmartPac delivery)

    Personally written by Principal Grace, who is the Founder-Principal of Learning Journey.

    In this book, you will find model/sample compositions written by the students in LJEC who have joined our Super Writers™ programme and have shown tremendous improvements after going through the programme. Most of the students featured in these books have achieved AL1 for their PSLE English. They have put in a lot of hard work to write much better than when they first joined Learning Journey. 

    Eventually, after much hard work and guidance from our teachers, all of them achieved success and many have topped their class in their composition writing. 


    In the grand scheme of a student’s learning journey, PSLE is just one stepping stone. What truly matters is the knowledge gained, the skills honed and the personal growth achieved along the way. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities by modern education, let us remember that while PSLE is important, the true essence of education goes beyond scores and examination, embracing the broader goal of preparing students for a future full of learning, adaptability and success.

    Learning Journey Education Centre.
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