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2023 GCE O Level English 1184 oral questions

  • Jul 27, 2023

🔎Spot on! O LEVEL ORAL DAY 2 TOPIC & question done in our secondary 4 classes in March 2023!💯👍🏼




Day 1-  Uniform Groups/NS Events

BMT (Basic Military Training) Passing Out Parade 

1. Who do you think are the people watching this event and what do you think they are feeling?

2. What can schools and parents do to develop the character of their children

3. Do you think all students should join uniform groups as their co-curricular activities?


Day 2- Elderly

Elderly Women making Wigs together

1. Are these elderly making good use of their time?

2. How do you encourage elderly to hone their skills and interests? 

3.Is it difficult to bridge the generational gap between young and old? [similar question covered in our oral practices]

LJEC Covered in our Sec 4  curriculum

In March 2023!

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