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We are featured in The Straits Times – P1 English Preparatory Classes

  • Jul 23, 2023
🙌Prep, not force!
Learning should be a healthy process, and setting your child up for success in their academic life is paramount as they embark on this new chapter. Soft skills such as speaking up, nurturing interpersonal relationships, and developing a sense of curiosity are equally important and parents are encouraged to do the following too beyond shoving them into classes:
✅️Encouraging your child to ask questions.
✅️Providing opportunities for your child to interact with others.
✅️Modeling the behaviours you want to see in your child.
✅️Celebrating your child’s successes
If you are a parent, share your tips and let’s bring up a future-ready generation!💪🏼
💙Teacher Grace
💙Sharing our feature on
The Straits Times 25 June 2023
Learning Journey Education Centre.
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