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Learning Journey – Mid-Year Mock Practice Exam Package

  • Apr 02, 2023

Mock exams are an important tool for primary and secondary students in Singapore. These exams, which are practice tests that simulate the actual exam experience, have several benefits that can help students achieve academic success. 

One of the most important benefits of mock exams is that they give students a chance to familiarize themselves with the format and style of the actual exam. By taking mock exams that closely mimic the actual exam, students can learn what to expect on exam day and feel more confident and prepared when the time comes to take the actual exam. 

This can reduce anxiety and stress, which can ultimately lead to better performance.

More benefits of Mock exams

  1.  help students identify areas where they may need additional study or practice. By reviewing their results and analyzing their performance on different sections of the exam, students can pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and focus their efforts on areas where they need improvement. 
  2. Another benefit of mock exams is that they provide a valuable opportunity for students to practice time management and pacing. By simulating the time constraints of the actual exam, students can learn how to manage their time effectively and avoid running out of time before completing the exam. This can help them feel more confident and comfortable on exam day, knowing that they have developed the skills needed to complete the test within the allotted time frame.
  3. Finally, mock exams can help students build confidence and motivation. When students perform well on mock exams, they feel more confident and motivated to succeed on the actual exam. This can be especially helpful for students who struggle with test anxiety or who may be hesitant to try their best on the actual exam.

With the recent removal of the mid-year exams, it is now more difficult to evaluate your child’s proficiency & to prepare them well for the end-year exams. Your child might lose momentum or lack consistency in studying due to the lack of urgency to study for exams!

🙌To help our students, Learning Journey has developed our own Mid-Year Mock Practice Exams (which are closely aligned to PSLE & O Level examination papers) to evaluate their English proficiency levels to help them work towards improving their weak areas so that they head for their end year exams feeling confident & well prepared!

Our Mock exams are also open to the public.

✍️After marking, our teachers will conduct a corrections analysis session to help students understand their mistakes better.

What’s covered in our mock exam package:

For Primary Students

  • Paper 1 & Paper 2 mock Exam under exam conditions
  • Paper 1 corrections +  Paper 2 Techniques, analysis and corrections + Simulated Oral Session & Individualised feedback (15 minutes session) 1.5hours

For Secondary Students

  • Paper 1 & Paper 2 Mock exam under exam conditions (covering essay and comprehension)
  • Paper 1 corrections +  Paper 2 Techniques, analysis, and corrections session 

With our LJEC teachers marking & going through their mock papers, your child will not only be able to understand where they have lost their precious marks but also pick up useful & specific LJEC techniques that can help them achieve their desired grades!

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