Preparing for PSLE – Quick & Easy Tips

  • Jul 06, 2022

PSLE is just around the corner, inching in closer with every passing day.

Some parents would find themselves taking more time off during this time of the year – a period when Primary 6 students bury their heads in the books till late at night!

PSLE, that is what it is.

Like sand through the hourglass, time will slip by quicker than you know. It will seem like your child’s every action revolves around this national examination that is a big deal for most involved. Hence, it is essential to maximise every minute your child has from now till the “big” day.

Here are some tips you might find useful for you and your child during this crucial period.

Division For Revision

Too many chapters, too little time.

Sure, we want every topic covered but the wiser thing to do is to pick out your child’s weakest points and focus on them. It is important to divide the time your child has for revision suitably. One tip is to sieve out questions related to those topics more challenging for your child from past year examination papers and get them to practice and master them. This way, your child can learn from the mistakes made during revision and can arm themselves with the new knowledge and be ready for the actual examination!

Recap To Strengthen

Make revision an everyday affair. To an extent, the more you are at it, the better you would become. You could make revision more fun for your child if you are willing to put in a little more effort. Pasting notes around the house and in unexpected places could add an element of surprise and excitement. At the same time, discovering the notes would jolt your child’s memory of the topic, serving as a great tool for a recap.

Time-Out For The Mind

Yes, the amount of time you dedicate will determine how much you can cover. However, there comes a moment whereby information overload occurs and the mind’s limit is reached. Suggest a non-school related activity for your child to relax the mind. It could be a 30 minutes cycle in the park just to feel the wind in the hair. Taking a break is beneficial in replenishing your child’s soul to prepare him or her for a long journey ahead.

Don’t Discourage

Most importantly, as a parent, you ought to be motivating in your approach to your child’s studies. There would be no room for negativity in a time like this. While there is no need to constantly feed him or her with praises, be sure to give constructive feedback and not resort to hurtful remarks. Negative comments like these are detrimental to the student’s mental state of mind. No amount of revision would help if your child feels hopeless!

Indeed time is running out and there are limited spaces left for our PSLE intensive classes!

“My daughter joined Learning Journey for their PSLE intensive classes 2 months before PSLE and we were very surprised that she managed to score an A for PSLE  even though the composition paper was very tough. She has never scored an A for English before and the techniques she was taught at Learning Journey really helped her to score the extra marks during PSLE!”

Mother of Melissa, P6 (2016) Hougang Primary School

There is a Chinese saying that literally translates to ‘hugging the Buddha’s leg at the last minute’.

What it means to say is that last minute effort is futile if no preparatory work has been done. While we very much live by these words, we also believe that our 10 sessions of PSLE INTENSIVE classes prior to the big exam will do your child good!

The lessons will cover useful techniques that all our students use to ACE their Paper 1, 2 and Oral.
There is such a thing as being too late to start but let’s ponder upon this:


Get a last minute BOOST and all the help your child needs…by signing up for our intensive PSLE English Classes, where we will teach him all the techniques and strategies our students used to ACE their PSLE!

But he needs but hurry because we have only a few slots left!

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