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FREE Composition Writing Class: A Kind Act (For Primary 3 to 6)

  • Jul 06, 2022

Does your child needs help with Composition Writing? For the first time, we hosted a FREE webinar for primary school students (and their parents!) so that they can get some help with writing at home.

🌈 FREE Composition Writing Class🌈
Topic: A Kind Act (For P3-6)

During this session, we will be going through story ideas generation and how to write a better composition using some of our Super Writers Techniques.

PS: This free lesson is meant to benefit students who might not have access to tuition classes due to financial issues during this period. Do help to share this lesson with any student that you think might benefit from this lesson.

Upper Primary Trial Class Super Writers ( Primary 4, 5, 6)

Discover How Your Child Can Learn Useful Techniques & Strategies to Improve His Composition Writing Skills Effectively In The Shortest Time… Small classes, customized learning strategies for each child Our teachers will be available for clarification, revision and providing practice for topics covered in school.With a small class size of 1 TEACHER TO 4-6 STUDENTS, we provide an environment similar to 1-to-1 tuition and yet allow students to participate actively in small group learning.Write your way to a better English grade! We focus on the necessary techniques required by the students to do well for their examinations, but more importantly, we want to help your child become a self motivated individual to do well in life.

Lower Primary Trial Class Super Writers Junior ( Primary 1, 2, 3)

Preparing Primary 1,2 and 3 children for independent writing Following the success of our most popular Super Writers™️ creative writing programme for primary school students, we have decided to launch the SUPER WRITERS JUNIOR programme by popular demand from parents! Start right, write right! At our junior writing classes, we make it fun for your children by introducing a more natural way to motivate them to write. Firstly, we will help them build a steady foundation for their spelling and grammar. Starting your children young when it comes to their writing skills will adequately prepare them for what is to come in primary school. Join us to equip them with the necessary skills to embark on their creative writing journey! Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to read a well-crafted story from your child? As a parent, it could be the best thing you will ever read! What’s covered in our curriculum? – A structured and progressive approach to creative writing – Grammar rules, Tenses, spelling – Creative phrases and expressions – Writing good sentences, good story starters, good endings – Sentence and Journal writing, Composition writing – Hands on writing activities – lesson materials are customised to child’s proficiency and according to MOE’s Primary school syllabus – Small class size (1 teacher: 6 students) enables effective learning

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➡️ What will you find in “How To Write An A* Composition?

✅ 3 Must know secrets to writing AWESOME compositions
✅ 45 Expressive phrases for composition writing
✅ 13 Power Words to use!

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