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Coping with Primary 5 English

  • Jul 06, 2022

Flustered? Puzzled? Anxious?

These are probably the emotions that Primary Five students have experienced or will be experiencing as they newly progress from (the now relatively easy) Primary Four. From the total of 20 marks to 55 marks for English Paper 1; from the total of 50 marks to 95 marks for Paper 2; and the overall being 200 marks, it is indeed daunting to both students and parents alike.

Component Primary 4* Requirements Primary 5 Requirements
Paper 1 20 marks 55 marks
Situational Writing NA 15 marks This is an additional component in Paper 1.

Students will now have to properly allocate their time between Situational Writing and Composition.

Composition 20 marks 10 marks each for content and language.

Minimum of 150 words required.

40 marks 20 marks each for content and language.

Minimum of 250 words required.

Paper 2 50 marks 95 marks
Booklet A
Grammar MCQ 8 marks 10 marks
Vocabulary MCQ 6 marks 5 marks Students are required to have a better vocabulary range to handle the questions. Vocabulary words are many times not covered duirng lessons in school
Vocabulary Cloze NA 5 marks
Visual Text Comprehension 5 marks 8 marks
Booklet B
Grammar Cloze 8 marks 10 marks
Editing 5 marks 12 marks 6 spelling and 6 grammar questions.
Comprehension Cloze 6 marks 15 marks Students are required to understand the context of the passage in order to provide suitable and accurate words for the blanks.
Synthesis & Transformation 2 marks 1 mark for each of the 2 questions 10 marks 2 marks for each of the 5 questions.

The difficulty of questions is harder as well.

Comprehension Open-Ended 15 marks Answers are mostly easily found in passages. 20 marks The passage and questions are much more difficult as they test the ability of students to understand the context of the passage and infer accordingly.

*For Primary Four, each school may set their examination papers differently. The marks stated are generally based as an example for comparison purposes.

As the curriculum and syllabus of English taught in Primary Five reflects that of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) format, there will definitely be a significant rise in expectations and accuracy of answers required. It is an understatement for the students to possess a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary skills.

There are several components of the Primary Five English examination paper which many face difficulty and struggles in: Editing, Comprehension Cloze and Comprehension Open-Ended. For each component, specific techniques will be covered in classes, which students will then be encouraged to practise diligently in their assignments, be it in school, tuition or at home.

How can we help at our centre?

With the introduction of techniques to tackle each component of paper 2, a good in-house curriculum and lesson materials, proper guidance and explanation of mistakes made, our Primary Five students are well-equipped and able to better cope and manage the expectations of the Primary 5 examination format.

If your child needs help, make sure you find the best help available to see him through till PSLE!

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