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4 Tips to Ace Your Oral Exams!

  • Jul 06, 2022

Some people are born gifted speakers, some are not, but the other side of the coin is that eloquence is a talent that CAN be nurtured!

That would be the good news for all parents whose children are sitting for the upcoming oral examination – an affair that evokes nail-biting anxiety for most.

How do we get better at speaking? You would be surprised to discover how making small adjustments to everyday habits can alter the way your child communicates!

Check out some of the useful tips we have compiled for your easy reference!

Keep Those Flyers Useful

Those flyers that you chuck in the bin within seconds of receiving? Little did you know that you are throwing away a piece of opportunity to enhance your child’s thinking skills! Pass the flyer to your child and ask him/her relevant questions regarding it. If it is a furniture flyer, you could try questions like, “Would you attend this furniture fair?” Followed by, “Which is the item that appeals to you the most and why?” Make this a habit. Soon, your child would be so accustomed to being asked such questions, it would all come naturally during the stimulus-based conversation section of the oral examination.

You Are Your Worst Enemy

Hence, you are your own best critic.

Let your child know this and use it as a strategy to encourage individual autonomy to judge their own performance. While they are practising, take a video of them and let them watch it. Get them to note down what they like and dislike about their “performance” and you can vet through it and make improvements from there. This method creates a larger impact, allowing them to gain a sense of control and be more open to constructive criticisms!

The Power of Guidance

Don’t limit the guidance your child receives to just the parent and the teacher. If you look around, you would see that guidance is EVERYWHERE.

  • Switch on the television and let your child see how the news anchors speak. Take note of the good pace and perfect pronunciation as that is how your child should aim to speak during his oral examination.
  • Pick up the newspaper and go through with them an article that piques their interest.
  • Take turns reading out loud and they would be able to expand their vocabulary this way.

Eliminate The Bad English

This one might be the hardest to achieve. The way your child speaks is often a reflection of how they had been taught at home. Speaking broken English during the oral examination is a sure-fire way to bring down the marks. To improve, you got to start at home. Be conscious of the way you speak around your child, correct his/her English whenever needed so it is ingrained in them to be more cautious of their language used. When you witness your children bickering over the ownership of a new toy, you want to hear ‘That is mine!’ instead of ‘That is my one!’ This is not a habit you can change overnight and that is why you have to nip it in the bud.

Start them young, start NOW.

If your child needs extra help to prepare for the upcoming oral examinations, why not try our Oral Booster Workshops?

Build your children’s confidence, enhance their communication skills and improve their pronunciation, diction and vocal expression with this workshop!


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