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15 types of composition writers in Singapore

  • Jul 06, 2022

Our curriculum comprises of specific, customised approaches to help students who fall into the following categories:

  1. The seemingly “hopeless” ones – fail cases. You have tried 10 different tuition teachers and centres and none seem to be able to help your child. You have almost given up hope.
  2. The sloooooow writers (the record set at my centre was a P2 child who could only write 3 sentences in 1.5 hour. And the really patient and encouraging teacher really had to try to squeeeeeze the sentences out of him. Thankfully, he is topping his class with really decent looking compositions after a year with us!)
  3. The “chop chop, super fast” and “super short” composition writers. No elaboration needed. Go straight to the point in 10 sentences. Full stop.
  4. The out of point ones. Sad case. After writing 4 pages, the poor child finds out that the teacher has failed him because he wrote OUT OF POINT. Totally demoralised and unmotivated to write thereafter.
  5. The “flat” writers. No climax, nothing exciting about their stories, no good vocabulary. At most a pass in composition marks or 20+ range.
  6. The “no head, no tail” writers. No one really knows what they are writing about.
  7. The “ideas-everywhere and anywhere” ones. You have never seen anything more disorganised!
  8. The “long grandfather story” writers. After 6 pages and 6 cups of coffee, the story finally ends. (pity the teacher marking!) Lots of redundant information and dialogues in the story… Good effort, but you only have 50 minutes to finish your writing!
  9. The “story that never ends” ones. At the last sentence of the composition, the end is nowhere to be found.
  10. The Harry Potter writers wannabe (fantasy sci-fi stories don’t really impress school teachers a lot, even though writing 7 volumes of Harry Potter books can make you a billionaire.)
  11. The under achievers aka high potential achievers (those with unrealized potential, writing 20+ compositions with potential to score above 30)
  12. The “I hate writing compositions” ones. Writing isn’t exactly the most popular subject in among students.
  13. The “simply not interested” or “unmotivated” writers
  14. The “no idea” ones. Don’t know how to start or end the story, no idea what to write!
  15. All of the above.

Can you identify which category your child belongs to?

The good news is that for every single type of student above, we have a SOLUTION for them!

We have more than 15 different teaching approaches and strategies for composition writing- because one teaching methodology cannot fit all!

We do not have any entry criteria or tests for our students. In fact, the lousier the compositions, the better. Because this means that they have a much higher potential to improve, and this translates to greater satisfaction for us as we take pride in coaching the underdogs! In fact, 90% of the students enrolled with us are borderline, C / Band 3 graders at the time of joining our classes. And we are proud to say that 90%  of our students have shown improvement as they journey with us.

We are immensely proud of their hard work and this year, we finally compiled a book of 50 excellent compositions (based on the NEW PSLE format) written by our students! These students have improved from borderline/just passed grades, topped their classes for composition writing and scored at least an A in their school exams and PSLE. These are realistic compositions written by students and given the nod of approval by their school teachers and by our teachers, of course. This useful compilation is not for sale and will be given exclusively to our students!

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