‘O’ Levels English Preparation Workshop

‘O’ Levels Intensive English Preparation Workshop/ Classes (max 8 a class)

Serangoon North, Bishan, Seng Kang, Punggol
ongoing class join anytime- call 65551849 (Serangoon) 87862990 (Bishan) to check availability

Our Secondary English Exam Preparation Workshop will impart useful COMPREHENSION ANSWERING & COMPOSITION WRITING TECHNIQUES that can be used up to ‘A’ levels!

Ease up your child’s learning curve with this workshop to provide them with a boost for the final examinations!

What will be covered in our classes:  $600 $4What will be covered:

1) Know your strengths and use them to EXCEL in your continuous writing section. Writing techniques and tips for different types of compositions (discursive, argumentative, narrative)

model compositions and comprehensive study notes given

2) 4 strategies to get your best score for Situational writing

2) 6 techniques to excel in your Summary writing
3) 7 tips to score for your OE Comprehension.
4) 5 must know techniques to score for Editing

5) Timed practice papers, graded composition practices

3 days workshop (9h) $550 + $60 materials fee
SERANGOON 27, 30 Nov, 1 Dec Mon Thu Fri 12-3pm
Bishan Mon Tue Wed 18-20 Dec 12-3pm
Signup here: http://www.learningjourney.edu.sg/sign-up-for-classes/


Paper 1 (70 marks total) (35%) – 1hr 50mins
Section A: Editing Candidates identify and edit grammatical errors in a short written text.  (10 marks)

Section B: Situational Writing
Candidates write 250–350 words on a given situation which will involve viewing a visual text. (30 marks)

Section C: Continuous Writing
Candidates write 350–500 words on one of four topics set. (30 marks)

Paper 2 (50marks total) (35%) – 1hr 50mins


Section A: Candidates respond to questions based on Text 1, a visual text. (5 marks)

Section B: Candidates respond to a variety of questions based on Text 2 which is a narrative or a recount. (20 marks)

Section C: Candidates respond to a variety of questions based on Text 3, a non-narrative text, and write an 80-word response to a summary writing task. (25 marks)


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