PSLE/Primary English Oral Preparation workshop

English Oral booster workshop Serangoon North/Bishan  

ORAL EXAMINATION BOOSTER WORKSHOP- For PSLE Primary 6 students & Primary levels

Oral preparation workshop to build child’s confidence and teach techniques and tips to do well.

$180 for 2 sessions (2 hours/ session)  Choose any 2 sessions at the same centre, ongoing class

The following sessions are available, limited to only 6 students per session:

Serangoon: Thu 7-9pm / Fri 4-6pm/7-9pm, Sat 430-630pm, Sun 3-5pm
Bishan: Tues 3-5pm/7-9pm, Fri 5-7pm/7-9pm, Sun 3-5pm

For the past two years, since the introduction of the new PSLE oral syllabus, our centre managed to prepare our students well for the PSLE oral examinations with our quality in house materials and rigorous oral practices.

We even spotted one of the two oral questions every year, for the past three years!

With the PSLE Oral examinations approaching…we hear these complaints from exasperated parents

“I don’t know how to go about teaching him …’

“She never knows what to say, I’m at my wit’s end!’

“She just refuses to open her golden mouth!”
Do these statements struck a chord with you?

While oral tests used to be just a descriptive picture accompanied by passage reading, times have changed and things have gotten tougher!

Don’t fret… the good news is that we are here to lend a helping hand!

You can sign your child up for our Oral Booster Workshop ($180 for 2 sessions, more sessions can be added on)

Our in-house workshop materials is up-to-date with the latest PSLE syllabus, providing the most suitable practice materials for our students.

During the sessions, the following will be covered:

  • Techniques and tips on scoring well for stimulus based conversation
  • Allowing your child to practice on a variety of challenging questions tested in local schools
  • Oral Examination Stimulation Sessions which serves as a platform for your child to get actual practice and prepare themselves mentally

Optional component (Please inform us if you would like us to cover this component):

  • Passage reading /Reading with expression/Speech Skills – pronunciation, articulation, tonation, reading aloud skills, vocal expression

Build your children’s confidence, enhance their communication skills and improve their pronunciation, diction and vocal expression with this workshop!

CALL 6555-1849 (Serangoon) 87862990 (Bishan) FOR THE LATEST SCHEDULE and AVAILABILITY


We would like to share a collection of model compositions written by our students who have scored A/A* for PSLE English.

Download the newest 2018 edition of our students’ model compositions here:

view our Chinese oral revision video on youtube :

PSLE Primary English Oral workshop tuition singapore
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