PSLE English Preparation Classes

PSLE 2018 English Intensive Preparation workshop @ Serangoon North/ Bishan 

SPOT ON! We spotted the PSLE English 2016 COMPOSITION & 2016, 2017 ORAL TOPICS! 

The PSLE 2016 English composition topic “A Secret” – our students had done the topic in our classes and read at least 3 model compositions (top scoring compositions written by our own students!) on it previously. The topic had been our list of Top 50 most commonly tested composition topics since 2015.

“Thanks for spotting the PSLE 2016 Composition topic and making sure she practiced it well! She said the composition question was easy! You are so good at spotting the composition topic! Thanks for preparing her well!”
Mrs Tan, mum of P6 student


GET READY FOR PSLE 2018 BOOTCAMP (English) conducted by Teacher Grace $550 +$50 material fee
  • Sharing of the latest PSLE trends (How did we spot the PSLE 2015, 2016, Oral and Composition, 2017 Oral questions)
  • Learn important composition and Paper 2 techniques to ensure that your child is fully prepared!
  • Composition planning drills on MUST KNOW composition topics to gear up for PSLE
  • Composition and Paper 2  Analysis (Individual analysis and marking by LJEC teachers)
  • Oral materials and techniques following MOE syllabus
  • Serangoon workshop 1: Mon Thu Fri 20, 23, 24 Nov 3-6pm
  • Serangoon workshop 2: Mon Thu Fri 4, 7, 8  Dec 2017 3-6pm
  • Bishan Sat Sun 18, 19, 26 Nov 10am-1pm

SA2 is over….



Your child only has LESS THAN A YEAR LEFT!

Can anything else be done to help him?


Here’s a snapshot of  a sample of students who joined us LAST YEAR (2016) and how they performed for their PSLE English.  

Your child CAN take his first steps with us…by signing up for our intensive PSLE English Classes, where we will teach him all the techniques and strategies our students used to achieve the above grades!

Topics covered:

Paper 2:
5 ways to score for Comprehension MCQ, & open ended
Techniques to use for Comprehension Cloze
4 must have Editing skills
3 techniques to Tackling Vocabulary questions
3 steps to ace the Synthesis and Transformation section
Paper 1:
7 steps to writing an A* composition (Situational and Continuous Writing)

PSLE A* Workshop Series // Ace Your PSLE English Comprehension Cloze with Techniques & Practices

Learn the MUST KNOW techniques that our A/A* students use!

Exclusively for Primary 5 & 6 students!

Conducted by Founder- Principal Ms Grace Tan
Author of “Comprehension Cloze Techniques”
Assessment book series by Singapore Asia Publishers
Now available at Popular Bookstores

Date & Time: 19 Jan 2018 Friday 6-9pm
Learning Journey/ Serangoon North

Ace your PSLE 2018 English Workshop

(For P5 & 6 students)


Serangoon (Teacher Grace)


Bishan (By Teacher Grace & Geraldine)

3 days workshop (9h)

·        Sharing of the latest PSLE trends (How did we spot the PSLE 2015, 2016 Oral and Composition questions?)

·        Learn important composition and Paper 2 techniques to ensure that your child is fully prepared!

·        Composition planning drills on MUST KNOW composition topics to gear up for PSLE

·        Composition and Paper 2  Analysis (Individual analysis and marking by LJEC teachers)

$450 $50
Serangoon workshop

 Sign up & make payment here: Buy Now Button

2018 PSLE INTENSIVE REGULAR CLASS Package (12 lessons $720)

+$60 material fee + $30 Registration Fee, No deposit required 

Class Dates  Fees  Material fees
Super writers (English) Creative writing Intensive Tuition(Primary/PSLE)* 12 lessons
 $720  $60
Super writers (Chinese) Creative writing OR PAPER 2 Intensive Tuition (Primary/PSLE)* 12 lessons
 $720  $60
Super Maths Exam Preparation Intensive Tuition (Primary/PSLE)* 12 lessons
 $720  $60

Here’s what our students & their parents say about our Super Writers & Tuition classes:
Within 3 months, my girl’s composition writing improved from 24 marks to 32 after joining Learning Journey in Dec’15. She went on to score 34 marks in her P6 SA1, a remarkable improvement and achievement! Thanks to teacher Grace for her patience and unique style of teaching! Personally, I also like teacher Grace’s open conmunication with parents. Kudos to teacher Grace and her team, keep up the good work!
Mrs Ho, mother of Yun En, P6, Marymount Convent

“My son’s English grades improved from a B to A within 3 months!
We are so confident with Grace and her team that we also enrolled Calen for the Chinese writing class. And after 3 months, his grades improved from a C to A! Many thanks to Grace and her team for doing a fantastic job!”
Mummy of Calen, P6 Catholic High

“Ever since my daughter attended the Super Writers English tuition classes, she started scoring above 30 marks for her class compositions from 20+ marks. She was scoring borderline marks for her paper 2 (50+ marks) and has made much improvement since. She is now more motivated and confident and hopes to score at least 70 marks for her SA1! Thank you Teachers for guiding her patiently.”

Mother of Chloe, P6, Holy Innocents’ Primary School

I attended only 2 lessons and my SA1 composition grade jumped to Band 1 from 20/40 (a recent composition I wrote in class)!

Cody, P6, Rosyth School

download our free e book and See our students’ compositions here:

(these are real compositions written by real students and they were writing just like your child when they first joined us! Many of them failed their composition tests when they joined us)

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For PSLE Primary 6 students & Primary levels

Our English and Chinese Programme Curriculum is written by our Principal -Teacher Grace- 

Achieved distinctions in English/General Paper AND Chinese for PSLE, GCE ‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels

Bachelor of Arts (Passed with Merit), NUS

Certified Problem Based Learning Facilitator, Ex-Polytechnic teacher for Culture and Communication, Cognitive Processes and Problem Solving, Creative Engagement

Currently pursuing her Masters in Education (Early Childhood Education) at NIE/NTU, achieved distinctions for modules in Curriculum Design & Development and Curriculum for Infants/Toddlers in Centre-based Programmes

Author for an upcoming series of English assessment books published by Singapore Asia Publishers, to be launched in Popular bookstores in 2017.

Guest Judge and Quiz setter for English Masters Competition 2016 organised by Teens Network Club under the People’s Association (PA) – The English Masters is an English language competition for Primary and Secondary School level students. The competition aims to create an opportunity for students to learn and experience the English language in a fun and interactive environment, thus cultivating interest in the subject. Over 300 students from 40 different schools have participated in the event.
Experienced tutor for Primary- JC students (10 years experience) and a versatile, passionate and patient teacher
Achieved high ratings for student evaluation surveys

Learning Journey Education Centre had been featured in The Straits Times, Kiasuparents, Parents’ World magazine, Esquire Magazine, Motherhood magazine, amongst others.

Best in “Creative & Engaging” Learning Centre Award – Parent’s World Best Enrichment & Learning Schools 2014/2015/2016 Read More Here

PSLE 2017 2018 English Tuition Intensive Preparation workshop Serangoon North Bishan Hougang Seng Kang

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