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Let your child have a taste of their dream job this holiday! During this programme, the participants will take their dream jobs such as firefighters, nurses, doctors, policemen and teachers. They will use LEGO blocks to create stories of their dream jobs. They will also create their own art and cookery masterpieces related to their dream jobs.


To hone their public speaking and presentation skills, they will attend a job interview with “interviewers” to learn real interview skills to secure their dream job! Each participant would also put up a Show and Tell session to share about their dream jobs using the costumes and props provided.


For the older ones, they will be learning new phrases that would be used for writing a composition on the topic of “An Inspiration”.

Little Nutritionist

You are never too young to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle! During this programme, participants will learn about the various types of nutrients and their importance to a healthy body.

They will also create their own art masterpieces related to the theme. They will be able to design and create their own multi-layered  “cake” by using nutritious and yummy ingredients. A Show and Tell session will be included for the children to share with the friends about their favourite food!

For the older ones, this experiential writing programme will enable them to pick up new phrases that would be used to craft a short composition about “A Learning Experience”.

What better way to get to know Singapore than to prepare your very own “Discover Singapore” itinerary? This exciting workshop will allow the participants to do just that for the ‘tourists’!

To hone their public speaking and presentation skills, participants will get to be tour guide for a day and bring “tourists” on a tour around the landmarks of Singapore.

At the end of the programme, a Show and Tell session will be done for the kids to share with the class about their trips to their favourite attractions. A mini cookery project on creating their own Singaporean cookery art pieces will also be included

For the older ones, this experiential writing programme will enable them to learn new phrases that they can use for their composition titled “A Family Outing’.

As featured in The Straits Times, 28 Dec 2015

Little Bosses Boot Camp!

for children aged 4- 9 years old 

Little Bosses Boot Camp aims to introduce concepts on entrepreneurship, running a business, managing money, financial literacy, budgeting, saving money, and socio-emotional related topics like bullying and empathy for others.

The camp covers fundamentals of being a “boss” and what an individual have to consider when running a business, from idea and business plan conceptualization, budgeting, staffing issues, to commercialisation of a product or service or setting up a shop. However, the ideas and concepts would be presented and explained in layman terms to the students.

During this camp, participants will:

  • Have an opportunity to ‘run’ their own business so they can think through the workflow processes involved in setting up a business.
  • Learn the value of money and how to make decisions related to monetary aspects like budgeting, profit and loss, balance sheets, salary payment, funds allocation for their proposed business, which requires them to do basic addition and subtraction as well as presenting information using tables. They will also practice handling “money” while running their “business”. This further hones their mathematical skills.
  • Learn the importance of saving money, saving for a rainy rain and having emergency cash on hand.
  • Will also develop a prototype of their proposed business ideas or mock setup of the proposed services.
  • Be introduced to and develop project management and problem-solving skills, which are important life skills.
  • Be trained in their presentation and public speaking skills as they will be required to present their business plan and prototype to the class on the last day of the camp.
  • Learn how to work alongside others to run their proposed business ideas- a small restaurant, a retail shop or a supermarket.
  • Learn skills related to socio-emotional aspects like handling rude and unreasonable customers (bullies), or having empathy for staff with special needs and how they can include these staff in a work environment.
  • Have a Q&A session with a “real” entrepreneur, where the children get to ask questions about running a business.
  • The topics covered during the sessions like budgeting, saving money, bullying and empathy will be further explored in a school setting to help children to apply what they have learnt into their real school environment.
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